More interesting new, cheap Tuya products

Spotted some novel Tuya devices I hadn't seen before. I didn't buy any of them yet but they look interesting and hopefully with the new community Tuya integration we can control 'em.

  1. Rotary controller

This first one looks a bit like the old IKEA rotary controller that I think was never supported that well on HE. Has a push button and seems to come in 2 different colours too...

Tuya ZigBee Smart Knob Wireless Scene Switch Button Controller Low Energy Battery Powered Automation Scenario For Tuya Devices

  1. Diffuser

Most diffusers I've seen have a separate on switch that must be activated after power-up. meaning it's impossible to control them from a smart plug. I had to look long and hard to find one that I could leave 'on' and then control form the plug. This one seems to be a proper smart device so doesn't have that issue...

Smart Wifi Wireless 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser Air Humidifier Compatible With Alexa Google Home Tuya APP Voice Control

  1. Ir/rf controller

Looks interesting, cheap too if it works...

Tuya WiFi RF+IR Controller Universal Remote Controller USB Shape Smart Controller Smart Home Voice Control Alexa Google Home

  1. USB switch

I've never seen a smart switchable USB before...

Tuya Micro SmartUSB Adaptor Switch 5V Wifi USB Power Adaptor Smart Home Switch via Tuya APP Voice Control For Alexa Google Home

  1. Xmas lights

And finally, for those of you who are looking forward to the holiday season celebrations...

Tuya WiFi Smart Fairy Lights IP65 WaterProof RGB Strip Light With Remote Control Home RGB LED Light Tuya/Smart Life APP Control


I have this is what control's my hubs but ones I have they are not possible to be flashed with local firmware. So I have to use them though the eWeLink app which does allow local LAN control but it's still through the app only.

Anyone managed to make item 1 - rotary switch work? Which driver are you guys using? Thanks!

Maybe try this route....

I have ordered one button, so hopefully, in a week I will know more. The chances to have it working out of the box with Hubitat are not great though... This device is very new and for now, I can't find any information for it in other home automation forums.

Hi did you get anywhere with the tuya knob?

I've been chasing this mythical Tuya Zigbee Smart Knob for more than 3 months now.
And I am still in doubt if it really exists! :sweat_smile:

I put 4 orders to 4 different AliExpress sellers, I've got 3 refunds so far, still waiting to receive it from the 4th seller :frowning:

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Outside of that Smart Knob being THICK .. it looks awesome

Do you have it?

I do not .. just found this thread today. But I want it

What I am afraid of is that these may use the same Zigbee inbound group messaging that are not supported by HE and prevent IKEA and LIDL remotes to be used here... But let's hope we will understand soon,

OK mine was ordered beginning of January and apparently its now on a plane....we will see.

I managed to get one of the smart knobs. It will pair with HE but after that no more events are captured by HE. Well mostly, I did have it sending events for button pushes briefly. I know nothing about zigbee protocols or messaging so now it waits until I feel like I could learn about it.

@bbholthome can you try this ~~experimental driver?
First, change the driver manually, then pair the knob again to HE.
You can send me the logs in a PM to avoid spamming this thread with technical data.


Well it's exists

Now to try it out

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Try the driver from the link above.
It should handle the single, double and held key presses. Clockwise rotation should generate a button 2 pressed simulated event, Counter-clockwise rotation should be button 3.
Seems like this is all that can be done when paired to HE for now.


Yep that's all working, shame that it's not quite what I was expecting.
Is it a Hubitat or driver limitation do you know?

What were you expecting?

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I thought that it was going to allow me to dim lights, but now I'm writing this I'm thinking it will as I could set each button press 2 increase by 1% and button prss 3 decrease by 1%.

Just going to try that now

And just like that out of the junk draw and in action, not quite as smooth as my fibaro dimmer 2s but it works well enough.

So push and rotation doesn't work not a biggie, But is this possible????

Any clue if these are standard Zigbee 3.0, or ?