Momentary dry contact relay... Suggestions?

Hi all, in my ST days I had a mimolite controlling my front gate, it got cooked, any suggestions on a small dry contact relay (pref 12v) that works sweet with HE?

Thanks guys!

I use a Qubino Flush 1D on my hot water heater circulation pump. Used it both on ST and HE. It also has an optional temp probe. It can run on 120VAC or 24VDC. The Smartest House sells them. You can get it through Amazon ir their site directly:


+1 for Qubino, although I still have not migrated to HE (waiting for delivery and time to do the migration) they are very good quality, quite configurable with timers, etc. Z-Wave Plus and have the option to connect a temp sensor to them.

I bought them to automate 2 gas fireplaces and they are great.

For others that may bump into this thread...

Qubino makes at least 3 of the Relay type devices, This is the ONLY one that is dry contact. The other 2 devices, one is also a single relay, just to be confusing, while the third is a dual relay. I use the dual in situations like bathrooms where there's a light and fan in one wall box. The "Line" voltage is switched through the relay.

The Dry Contact is ideal for different voltage scenarios. 110vac driving the "radio side" of the device and the relay activating a different voltage, maybe 24dc, for example. The opposite works too.. 24dc on the "radio side" with the relay controlling a 110vac device.

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I have the ZMNHND3 (single dry contact relay) hooked up to hubitat. It was added as device and I have changed it to Qubino 2 Relay Module. When I first added it, it didn't have children devices and on/off and temp reflected on the device page. Later two children devices show up and since, the ON Off status doesn't show correctly, but click on off on the parent device page does toggle the relay, but doesn't change the status. The two children devices so nothing. Do I have the right driver?

Edit: Just found that on/off on the parent device toggles the status on relay 1 child.. this will work.

The ZFM-80 is now back in stock. I believe there is a driver for it specifically.

For those in Europe this is a good wi-fi dry contact switch that works with HE

What device driver is used to control it, being wifi?

Have a look at this thread bleBox Device Integration
switchBoxDC uses switchBox's driver.

I've been using the MIMOlite device

Is there an HE device that has 3 outputs so that I can control 3 things from one device?


Still waiting on the zoos multi relay to make their way to amazon Canada. Hint hint @agnes.zooz . :slight_smile:

Throw on the zse19 as well while you are at it.

The ZEN16 is on its way to, a few more days and it should be available. We'll try our best with the ZSE19 to follow as well!


I don't see these Zooz relays on the List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation - will they work?

They do.


For peace of mind see the 2.1.8 release notes:

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Thank you, I've ordered :slight_smile:

The zen16 just showed up on amazon Canada. Ordered. Thank you.

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the zooz is only rated to 32 degrees min.. Has anyone tested colder. here in nh wiht 10-15 below at times i am pretty sure the garage can get below freezing?