bleBox Device Integration

Updated to Version 1.2

I am please to offer the initial release, version 1.2, of the bleBox Device Integration including an Application and Drivers (for 9 devices). The code and installation instructions may be found at:


  1. MarioHudds (Mariusz) for his assistance, prodding, and provision of devices.
  2. bleBox for their open API, API documentation and techincal Support.

About these devices:
bleBox is a series of switches and other WiFi Smart Home devices that provide a range of both standard and unique functionality. Although not widely used in the US, they have a strong presence in some EU countries. This integration supports the following devices:

  • airSensor: an air quality sensor measuring particulate matter.
  • dimmerBox: an in-line control of single dimming device.
  • doorBox: a device that controls a door magnetic lock and can read (with reed sensors) door position.
  • gateBox: Can control garage doors, gates, and other pulse-driven devices. With appropriate switches (reed), an determine position of the gate/door.
  • shutterBox: control of window shades and shutters; including tilt control for devices supporting both up/down and tilt.
  • switchBox: a in-line device with a single on/off relay.
  • switchBoxD: a in-line deice with dual on/off relays.
  • tempSensor: a temperature measurement probe.
  • wLightBox: small, in-line controller of RGBW, RGB, and mono led strings.
  • wLightBoxS: small in-line controller of a single mono led string.

All devices and the app have undergone testing in Hubitat Enviroment by myself except dimmerBox (collaborative testing with another user.


Version 1.2 Update
Updated to version 1.2.
Major changes:

  • New retry command code implement that retries a command up to three times on failure. After the third time, it the code will call a polling sequence in the Application. This polling is limited to occur no more than once ever 15 minutes.
  • Combined gateBox and doorBox drivers into single gateBox. Added code to determine type of gate and provide interface accordingly.
  • Combined shutterBox and shutterBox with tilt into single shutterBox. Added code to determine type of shutter and provide interface accordingly.
  • Combined dimmerBox and dimmerBox NoDim into dimmerBox. Added code to determine type of dimmer and provide interface accordingly.
  • Completely replace the wLightBox implementation with a new parent-child implementation to reflect the newly released API document.
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Thanks for this! I had bought some blebox lights and had planned on controlling them from a Lutron switch but if you've managed to get the wLightBox working in HE then thats amazing! I'll give it a go now!

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Recently I bought HE and currently trying to integrate blebox with it. The problem I have is that when I add blebox devices to dashboard - I'm not able to control most of them - only swithBoxD I can click on it and on / off light. Other devices like SwitchBox,ShutterBox and TempSensor has generic named icon and I'm not able to control these devices from dashboard. If I connect locally and go to devices - from there I'm able to control all devices - check temp, use shutter etc.

Any clue what is not right ?
Thank you in advance.

I found the problem and fixed on all devices except switchbox without D. It says unknown with question mark even It is discovered as switchbox and has proper category assigned.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to Hubitat.

I did a fresh installation using the Automated Dashboards and got similar results until I configured the tiles. This is done by pressing the three dots in the upper right cornet of the dashboard tile for the device. You then select the attribute, as follows:
switchbox and switchbodD devices: Switch
TempBox: Temperature
Shutterbox: Shade

After doing this, you will see something similar to the below:

I love the windowshade control with the ability to open, close, or set a specific position.

You probably need to read the following when you get time. Dashboards are very powerful and define the primary User interface. Along with Rule Machine, Dashboards are the primary way to customize your Hubitat experience.®_Dashboard

Yes, I checked the dashboard case and was able to fix the problem for most of the devices (blebox shutterbox, blebox switchboxD) - they are fine right now, and the dashboard looks similar to you - Thank you for instruction :slight_smile: . The only exception is for switchbox (single one) for which even it is categorized as Switch / blebox switchbox - I have a question mark "Unknown" instead of switch - so I'm not able to control it directly from the dashboard. The only way to control the device is from direct connection to local network to HE, got to devices and find switchbox in order to control it. Not sure where is the problem and what I can do in order to have it working with HE.

Thank you in advance for any help ,
Best Regards,

I need to see the device's Current Status off of the device's page. The status is on the upper left. Below is same for my device (the commsError is because it is not currently powered)

Below is a screenshot of the Dashboard settings for the my switchBox:

I checked and all the settings looks the same , except current status where I have:

  • commsError:false

Swithc:off/on is missing at all.
I have blebox switchBox Version 3 ... Maybe there is the problem ? It works ok if I go to Devices and will on / off device - but from Dashboard it does not work

Attaching screenshots


Got up early so the lag would not be so long. The device is not parsing the return stream (possible driver error).
Question: What switchBox firmware version are you on?

Action: Next, I need logs.

  • Open logging in a separate browser window.
  • On the device's page, in the preferences section, select
    • "Enable debug logging"
    • Save Preferences
  • Copy the log and post here.

Device type: SwitchBox_v3
Sofware version: 0.999
API version: 20200229

After seetuping Enable debug logging and saving preferences I do not see any logs generated

I figured out the problem. Your API version does not support my code for the SwitchBox (coded to API Version 20180604). I have updated my testbed and will modify code today (it is 6:45AM here in Texas, USA). It will take about an hour or two. I will send you update instructions when I finish.


Thank you in advance!

OK, I found a quick fix for you. It works only on the current API level (which you have) and I tested on my device.

Contact me if it works for you (it does for me.)

Thank you for highlighting this issue for all users.

It works perfectly :slight_smile:
BIG THANK YOU for your time and support!!

I got this integration working - thank you so much.

I had to install the driver twice - not sure why. The first time around, my switchBoxD did not register correctly, and had similar behavior as described above. Deleting the driver and reinstalling it solved the problem.

The documentation (PDF) needs an update, since Github has changes it's URL, including the raw downloads.

For example, the PDF says:

Both links return a 404. Instead, the following links must be used:

REPO: HubitatActive/bleBoxDevices at master · DaveGut/HubitatActive · GitHub

In both cases it seems to be because the code has been moved to your consolidated HubitatActive development.

I couldn't (yet) write a chunk of Groovy even if my kids life depended on it. But if you're accepting pull request I am happy to update the documentation, and help with whatever minute tasks I can.


Thanks for the offer. I will update the top-level reference and instructions sometime prior to 2021.


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Hi Dave. Could you please share the sswitchBoxInterim.groovy once again? I’m straggling with the same issue as zbigniew.bednarek but your updated code is not available anymore. Thanks in advance.


No longer have it. BleBox has decided to update the API and it breaks a lot.

I have updated the driver / app set to version 2.0.0. Updates are available via HPM (Hubitat Package Manager) and at the locations identified at the top of this post: bleBox Device Integration

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