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Has anyone tried these light switches at all? are they any good?

MOES ZigBee Smart Wall Light Switch No Neutral Wire Required, No Capacitor Needed, Smart Life Tuya Remote Control, Works with Alexa, Google Home, Tuya ZigBee Hub Required, 3 Gang, White : DIY & Tools

I've not, however in this thread a user expressed dissatisfaction with their water sensors.

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Thanks for the link

I've just added one... Its been a bit of a nightmare really and the design is quite possibly dangerous with the mounting screws directly onto the circuit board...

I'm not going to use any more of them, will stick to putting switch units behind normal manual switches.

Only problem is of course needing quite deep back boxes...

Does it claim the device is UL listed?
If not I would not connect it to mains in my home.

Dunno, but Amazon (USA and UK) sell Moes as one of their main promoted smart home brands... you'd like to imagine it has some sort of certification, but the design isn't great and Amazon UK have photos of the things having caught fire and shorted out.

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I had one of these but couldn't find a suitable driver.

Which driver did you use?

As a matter of interest I tried to return it to Amazon which they accepted but I would have had to pay an expensive return to Europe from the UK so just not worth it.

Out of curiosity I took a look at their site. There is no mention of any certification, no UL no CE.

@chrisg Moes 1 gang light switch not working - #5 by kkossev

The answer is in there

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