Moes 1 gang light switch not working


I'm relatively new to HE, but like to think I've got a handle on adding devices - if by nothing else then searching and reading this fantastic community!

However, I've got a weird one - I bought a Moes zigbee light switch, like this one:

(it was a EU type live only as I'm in the UK)

Now it pairs ok but refuses to be controlled.

It identifies as:

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 50
  • manufacturer: _TZ3000_hhiodade
  • model: TS0011

I've tried a few different drivers - currently its not working with the Zemismart one.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Tagging @kkossev as he is an expert on Tuya (and some other stuff as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
He might be able to help you

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is supported by the community Zemismart driver.

Make sure you are using the latest dev. branch version and that you have paired the switch again with the Zemismart driver being automatically selected during the first time pairing as new device.

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thanks @kkossev

I've got 0.2.9 (2022/09/29 7:47 AM)

Is that the right one?

EDIT: No, there is a newer one.... I've updated and re-added my device and its working now :sunglasses:

Thanks for all of your hard work @kkossev - I've been using quite a bit of your stuff with my HE over the last week!

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No, this is old version and will not work for this particular device model.

Please update from this direct link

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