Recommendation on Water Sensors

I just lost a Zooz ZSE42 water sensor. It was accidentally discarded when cleaning under the kitchen sink. I have several ZSE42's and the seem to work fine.

When looking for a replacement I see there are a large number of alternatives, with prices from cheap to expensive. I've had good luck with both Zigbee and Z-wave so I didn't care what radio it had.
I ended up purchasing another ZSE42 however it left me curious if there was a better alternative.

I guess to me "better" would be more reliable connection and longer battery life.

Some ideas in a recent thread here

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The Aqara Water Leak sensor is cheap, reliable and works fine with Hubitat. You may find it on Amazon or Ali Express (China).

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I really like the Linkind Water Leak Detector mentioned in Cheap/bulk Water/Leak Sensors? - #33 by erktrek

$17 for 1, or $50 for 4. I got the 4 pack. They work reliably. Still at 100% battery after 9 months. They are Zigbee.


I have a half dozen of the ZSE42's installed. Never had an issue, battery stays at 100% a very long time.

Been really happy with the Neo Coolcam's. Look exactly like the Dome's but in zigbee

I use $9 from ALiexpress

The following looks interesting for a little more as it has an alarm built in

I have all Aqara sensors around the house. As long as you use the Tuya ZB 3.0 repeaters they are rock solid (for me).
I fought for years with them dropping off under ST and HE until I used this repeater ( and ditched Ikea ones).

I use the Aeotec Water Leak Sensor.

I love the Centralite leak sensor. Have one under every toilet and sink. The original Iris and SmartThings leak sensors were a rebranded Centralite:

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Plus 1 for the Samsung/now-Aeotec water sensors. Top and bottom detection, and what seems to be great battery life and zigbee signal detection. While they are more expensive, a huge bonus is the temperature sensor.

I have some dome water sensors that I love, but I always worry that they are dead or have fallen off the network as they barely ever report back.

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Look at the link I posted to the neo coolcams. Look exactly like the domes but zigbee instead of z-wave. They report once a day though I still test a random one once a month.

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Awesome. Will do. Good battery life?

Seems to be. My oldest one is a year old and still going strong...

The Linkind leak sensors work great. Sub $10 in qty 4, uses AAA batteries, stable on ZIgbee, easy to pair, configurable battery updates/checkins.

No temperature sensor, but unless you're trying to do some freeze protection I never saw the need. They're usually on the floor and aren't registering the room temperature anyway.


Wow... it looks like every one works but the Moe's . I'm going to stay with the Zooz ZSE42's because I have more of them than any other brand and I would like to believe the 700 chips provide a more robust communications path.

For me, cost is not a determining factor. I would happily pay a premium if it meant the odds of not responding to a leak were reduced.

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@tim.ocallag does that $9 one form Aliexpress work out of the box with HE? If not, did you have to do anything special? Any hints?


Yes, but you need to use the Tuya NEO Coolcam Zigbee Water Leak driver and then it works fine.
For my sump pump I liked the long wire lead so it could drop down into basket.
For my bathrooms I didn't want the long wires so I hacked up the wire and extracted the two metal leads and then 3d printed a small end that I connected to the metal leads. Now I have a pretty small unit and it uses 2 AAA batteries.


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Thank you @tim.ocallag! The sump basin was exactly what I was intending to use these for. Thanks so much! I'm picking up 2 of them for like $11 with free shipping. Can't beat that state-side.

Thank you again!

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