Moen flo virtual device


Has anyone seen code for a virtual integration of the Moen flo water sensor and controller?
It's a great new device that monitors the flow thru it and can sense leaks as small as 1 drop per day. It learns your normal usage and can notify and shut off the water if it senses something unusual. Seems like next step up from placing water sensors everywhere. Be nice to control it from Hubitat.


What type of external controls are available? Is there an API? It sounds like a pretty self-sufficient device to me.


There's a smartphone app that can
1)turn the water on or off
2)Run a leak check

The unit provides the following data to the smart phone
4)potential leak warnings.


Okay. And does the system have an open API or is it only accessible from their app?
Personally, I don't want Hubitat turning my water on or off....too unpredictable. Plus, how would you automate when you're going to need the water on?


Moen Flo support IFTTT:

Create applets that are triggered by critical alerts, warning alerts, and info alerts.
Turn on or off your home's water through your Flo by Moen device by using Flo in your applets.
Change your Flo by Moen device to home, away, or sleep mode through IFTTT applets.

Since Hubitat supports IFTTT, this would be the way to integrate since API doesn't appear to be public.


Flow isn’t new, but their partnership with Mown is. It’s one of those really well thought out devices that should really be left to handle the situation itself and just notify you. As mentioned, there’s an IFTTT channel. I would suggest not trying to control a device that is in total control of what it needs to be.

You may lose their guarantee if you override anything and there’s damage as a result that the system could have prevented if left to do its job the way it was designed to.