Moen flo virtual device

Logged out and logged back in with the new version and it is working. Let me know if you want me to provide any more data.

I will PM you the log.

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Awesome stuff I plan to play with this in the next day, or so. I'll let you know how it goes.

My wife takes extra long showers on Sunday's (Beauty day) and Flo has shut the water off more than once due to "abnormal behavior" (why can't it learn Sunday is beauty day!!). Massive negeitive on the old WAF! Thank you for helping me solve that issue!! :raised_hands:


It's working!!

Awesome job! You should put this into Hubitat Package Manager.

Works via node-red as well.

setup a donation link? I try to donate to all the devs I use code from long term. Happy to contribute to your time for this one!


@david2, I can't thank you enough for your hard work here. I've got this integration up and running, quite flawlessly so far.

I'm not a Hubitat driver expert either, but I've worked on your code a bit tonight and have adapted it to support the Moen Flo Smart Water Detector. It's a rough cut but appears to work great so far. The device reports air temperature, humidity, its wet/dry status, and sends battery level data as well. It has its own alarms configurable in the Flo service for all of the above, but this driver doesn't interact with those today. Install is the same process as the original; the detector gets a separate deviceID on that's used in configuration.

I'm also not a github expert, but I forked the repo here to hold this new content - GitHub - jlaughter/hubitat-moenflo


Let me know what you think!


Can you provide a bit more detail on how you solved this? I have the exact same problem with my Moen Flo - it shuts off the water during the occasional extra long shower.
I have not yet integrated with Hubitat, but plan to and would like to put the workaround in, as soon as I integrate it with Hubitat.

You need to put the flo device into "sleep mode" to prevent the water being shut off. If we have guest, or on Sunday's (when wife takes long showers) we put the unit into sleep mode. This can be done in the flo app, or via HE (I think, I use node-red mostly, my wife does it via the flo app on our mounted ipad).

Looks like a good device but it's wifi based which is a shame.

Couldn't you put a contact sensor on the shower door which put the Flo into Sleep mode for x# of minutes? Call the rule, "Beauty day"

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I could but that would never fly. If my wife "sees" any of the automation stuff she is totally against it. Outta sight no problem, but a contact sensor on the shower door, and I'd be sleeping in it :laughing:

Thanks for the thought, but having to go into sleep mode on Sunday mornings is no problem and works well.

I’m having difficulty getting this connected. It connects (username, password and device id are all set). But when I poll I get an error (with device id hidden):

dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:09.316 am errororg.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object 'null' with class 'null' to class 'double'. Try 'java.lang.Double' instead on line 246 (pollMoen)
dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:09.294 am debugGet User Info Received Response Code: 200
dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:08.793 am debugGetting device id for:
dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:08.771 am debugLogin received response code 200
dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:07.803 am debugRefreshing token...
dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:07.787 am debugGet Consumption Exception: Forbidden
dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:07.466 am debugGet User Info Received Response Code: 200
dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:06.784 am debugGetting device id for:
dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:06.767 am debugLogin received response code 200
dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:05.703 am debugRefreshing token...
dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:05.691 am debugGet Consumption Exception: Forbidden
dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:05.257 am debugCannot complete device info request: No Device Id
dev:3282021-04-05 08:47:05.253 am debugPolling Moen

How’s this integration working for everyone lately? Considering buying the Moen Flo product so want to make sure you recommend it as being well integrated with HE?

And have you been able to work out the kinks to where it doesn’t shut off the water due to unusual activity that isn’t a leak?

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Integration on mine has been flawless - set it up once and never touch it again. The integration of the water sensors has been great as well.

There’s a setting in the Flo app for alert sensitivity. I turned mine down and rarely get alerted for routine activity. You’ll get more up front as the ML is training, so I’d wait a month or so before adjusting.


One more question: my understanding is that this operates based on WiFi. But is it still a local solution, i.e., not cloud? I can't tell from their website. Some community members prefer zwave water cutoffs over wifi, but if it's still local why would it matter? Maybe @TechMedX might have some idea?

No, this is a cloud integration.

Bummer. Guess I have to weigh cloud-based vs. smarts. It seems like this is the only product that can detect a leak based on unusual water usage...which seems useful for detecting leaks in places you didn't happen to put a water sensor.

There is a zwave water flow meter for which you can write your own app ….

I had the same problem as you, did you find a solution to fix that?
Need help .

Please, guide me on how to populate the device id from Flo - My Account
Thank you.

No luck. I have 2 Flo’s at different houses and different accounts an I can’t connect either of them.

Goto Flo - My Account login with username and password, the ids of devices are listed.