Mode Manager / Sunset / Later of Two - Not working as expected


So I've set my mode manager to switch to evening based on time of day, whichever is later, 6:30pm or sunset for weekdays and for weekends, whichever is earlier, 6:30pm or sunset.

That way, during the week it won't switch to Night mode until I'm finished with work.

Problem is, it always switches at sunset... I tried switching the order of the rule in case it was a hierarchy thing but no luck. Am I doing something wrong? Attached are my settings (I only recently added the button and switch controllers, it wasn't working prior to that either).

What time is sunset?

Please show me the App Status page for this (gear icon).

Attached, sorry didn't fit on one screen!

There is definitely a bug here, I can confirm that. I don't have a fix yet. I can tell you that it only happens when you use Days of Week settings. So for an interim work-around, if you do without Days of Week, it will work. I should be able to get a fix for this soon.


Thanks for the update and the advice on the workaround! I could probably set up a 'work' mode and do it that way for now.