Another Mode manager sunset bug?

So I don't really know where to start with this one... The TLDR is, as far as i can work out on my own, my hub recognised that it was sunset and that seemed to prompt all of my routines, triggers, IFTT integrations, scenes, groups and modes to fire all at once...

It caused quite a barrage of lights turning on and off and devices misbehaving.. it sort of felt like what you'd imagine a Home Alone type burglar turned hacker would do as a prank if they'd hacked into your hubitat haha.

So the long version; it hit sunset, my mode switched from Day to Evening and all hell broke loose. Within the second, the mode had switched 5 different times.

Now, I have a few virtual switches set up to trigger devices when certain modes are activated so thats one possible cause as to why the devices started reacting (although not what triggered them). I also have a few buttons that I've set up to switch between modes at certain times of the day and another that sets it to away mode when I leave with a long press and reverts mode dependent on time of day with a single click when I return. Given that these are Sonoff SNZB01 buttons I wondered if there was a chance those had misbehaved and triggered their modes for some reason, in turn causing the lights etc to trigger? Could it be related to the bug I found here?: Adding Sonoff SNZB-01 Buttons

The other theory I've got is that its related to the other bug that I've managed to stumble upon where sunset (at around half 4pm) was triggering the mode change despite it not yet being 6:30pm when it was used in a 'later of two' rule, and now that I've added in a 'Work Mode' (that I way too confidently suggested on the other thread would solve all my problems) to try and compensate that its compounded the issue and caused another bug...?

Sounds like a reach but its got me stumped. The other issue with both of those theories is that it doesn't explain what triggered my scenes. At the moment they aren't used in any automations or rules. One of the scenes I have triggers a virtual switch thats hooked up to an IFTT integration causing my projector to turn on so that was a surprise to see that turning at sunset.

So the only clues I have in my logs are that when I disabled the IFTT integration, there was a 'debug - updated' item in the log, although I'm a newbie not really sure if that means anything — could be entirely unrelated. The other clue is that there was a debug/error message that said 'too many requests had been sent to amazon through echo speaks' (and alexa verbally apologised and said she didn't know what happened ahah). Problem is a bunch of motion lights have filled up my logs since then and its stuck on "--- Loading Past Logs... ---" so I can't share exactly what its said.

I have a huge text edit doc (So I could paste that here?) which has all the logs up until it won't load and up until the devices seemed to stop misbehaving. Also will attach the event log showing the modes all changing with the second. Any help much appreciated, hope this isn't something I've done, I feel pretty unlucky to have stumbled on so many bugs haha would the community recommend not updating to the latest build? So far I've stayed up to date asap but maybe that's not as stable, or is it just that I have just been unlucky? Thanks in advance.

So this happened again today at sunset. It was much less of a barrage, the mode went from Day to Evening and then immediately to night, triggering my night routine.

This only seemed to happen once and none of my scenes or groups triggered this time (although I had disabled my IFTT integration still so maybe that helped?). I still can't figure out why this is happening though, although looking more like it might be related to this bug?

I've attached screenshots but I realise its also still triggering at sunset instead of 6:30pm despite being on the default 'all' days — the linked post suggests the bug is related to having it run on certain days — so I'm wondering if the bug is in fact related to "Later of Two Times"?

Sorry for the lengthy posts, any help appreciated! :blush:
Another TLDR for you; Can't figure out why night mode is triggering at sunset instead of just evening mode or why anything is triggering at sunset when sunset is happening before 6:30pm.

As previously pointed out, Later of Two Times does not work with Days of the Week selection due to a bug. I suggest you wait until we get the bug fixed, and not use Days of the Week until then. Perhaps your other problems are an outgrowth of this.

Probably a rookie question, how do I not use days of the week? At the moment they’re all ticked and when I untick them it re-ticks them all and says default is all...

Or are you saying that I can’t use them in my other mode rules at the moment either if I use ‘later of’ at all?

So I assumed you meant I couldn't use weekdays in any other mode manager rule but I'm still getting a bug where sunset on the weekend causes it to change from day mode to evening then immediately to night — very much making me think this is a later of two times bug, not a days of the week bug.

I forget that its not meant to change at sunset at all, its still meant to be later

Screenshots attached, please correct if wrong, not sure where I could be going wrong. I'm on

Yes, there is a problem with later of two times. It is broken when used with days of week.

Yeah.. I asked this before.. How do I not use days of the week? All those settings have default ‘all days’ selected and configure daily settings is turned off.

This particular instance of Mode Manager appears to be hosed up. Remove it, and redo it.

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Ah, gotcha. Thanks, will try.