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NOTE: this mobile apps update requires hub running version 2.2.7. For more details on the platform release, please check out this post:


Just updated to the latest version of the beta code and it looks like it’s incorrectly selecting cloud access when on the same network as the hub. I tested the iPad non-beta version and all works as expected.

I’ve also sent feedback via apple’s TestFlight app



The Android app does not show me the Rooms that I created in the Web Interface.
Tells me that the devices tab is available on Hubs running 2.2.7 which I am.

Also rooms background is not showing up in the app.

Can we have it so it shows child devices and not just parent please?

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Go into setting and reselect your hub, seems to force a refresh

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The new Devices tab says it requires firmware 2.2.7, but I upgraded to 2.2.7 before upgrading the app.

As above - reselect your hub in the settings


On iOS, I noticed that the haptic feedback for the Hubitat app is tied to Settings -> System Haptics (Play haptics for system controls and interactions). Is this is intentional? It seems that apps sometimes depend on this setting (example short press in Reddit), and sometimes not (example long press in Home).

I killed the app and restarted it and the Devices tab loaded.

It does seem buggy though—I deleted a device and the Devices tab did not refresh.

Iphone 12 user.

  • Installed the app and gave all permissions.
  • Logged in with the hub cloud account.
  • Interface said "Found existing mobile app" but only a button to 'create' a new one.
  • Touched 'create'. Immediate app crash back to springboard. "Send error to devs" popup appears.
  • Restarted Phone. Same issue.

Cool, got some devices to show up in the Device Tabs area, all lights and outlets so far.

I added a "A scenes" room to put it at the top of the list. Easy quick link to our most used scenes without talking to Alexa.

Devices tab is blank upon app launch. After a few minutes, it finally displays the devices.

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Same problem here

It also looks like the devices tab doesn’t refresh either. If I make a change to a room, I have to close the app and reopen it to see the changes. I suggest adding a refresh button or allow the user to pull down to refresh like other apps.

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Installed fine. Lights and outlets all showed up and worked w/o issue. Room expand/collapse feature isn't persistent after exiting the app; all rooms are expanded upon restarting. It also randomly expands rooms when a switch is operated.

Dimmer control interface is nicely designed and easily tracks accurately.

Everything (lights & switches/plugs) is being displayed on the devices tab, except for the zigbee temperature sensor.

On Android I had to go into apps and clear cache and data. After that I had to re-login. The devices tab then twirled for a while. I forced closed and restarted the app and now it seems to work.

[Little confused about where to post feedback on the apps... Developers->Beta Feedback or Mobile Apps->Mobile Beta]

I have noticed that the new iOS app seems to strongly prefer the cloud connection. It no longer switches to the local network on it's own, and even if I switch it to local manually, it always returns to cloud connection when switching apps. Is this intended behavior?