Mobile app suggestions

The new devices tab in the mobile app is a great improvement - it makes a lot easier for people to get started, among other things, thank you.

A few suggestion, items of relatively low efforts and high value:

  • Omit beginning of the device name if it matches the room name,
    For example: I may have a "Kitchen Island Light" in the "Kitchen" room.
    In this case the button label could just say: "Island Light".
  • Add an option to Select a default tab for the mobile app, choose between dashboards and devices.
  • Add an option to hide the dashboards tab (A user may decide the devices tab is enough for his/her needs).

In the web app:

  • Add a flag to the room to prevent it from showing in the mobile app.
  • Mark a room as favorite so it always shows at the top in the mobile app or, a more elaborated solution: provide custom sort order.

I mention low effort and high value so I will stop here :sunglasses:
Thanks again and keep up the good work.


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