Misc questions about GE/Jasco in-wall devices

I just bought a handful of used GE /Jasco zwave plus and non-plus switches and dimmers. I am trying to understand the capabilities and differences between them so I can install them in the most optimal locations.

  1. Does anyone know which switches/dimmers are capable of multi-tap/associations? I have bunch of non plus models that don't do it, and I think I read once that not all of the plus models do it either.

  2. If I remember correctly none of the non plus models report their status and instead need to be "polled". I have a bathroom with four non-plus models with a rule to turn all on/off when a specific one is turned on/off. I sometimes have problems with this rule. If I don't have enough plus devices to replace them with is it better to replace the switch that triggers the others, or should I replace the others first with plus models?

  3. Some of the used non plus models I got have the small LED light which I thought was only on the Plus models. Do these have any better capabilities over the other non plus models that have larger LED lights?

  4. Does anyone know if there is a way to do multi-tap with the ge zwave plus fan controller?

Older non plus won’t report status, super frustrating. If they are close to the hub you might get some real time updates. I have rules where when one of our shower lights turn on, turn on bathroom fan. It would be important to have your main switch, shower light in my example, be a plus switch so the hub gets updated and rule fire. The other switches should still turn on just fine being older non plus. My bathroom fans were some of the last switches I changed out for plus

All of my GE switches since 2014 had LEDs. The Aux switches don’t but main smart switches do.

I haven’t used double tap so cannot answer those questions

That's not entirely true. I have some GE non-plus zwave switches that report their status. While maybe most do not report, the are some that do.

Appreciate the help! I will swap out the switch I use to trigger first.

Regarding the LED light what I mean is all of the non-plus models I have ever seen, up until this week had a larger blue LED, and the plus models have a small LED. Some of the used switches I picked up this week just say zwave on the back of them and they have the small light. Wasnt sure if there is a different firmware revision in these models.

By any chance are the blue LED lights on those models small like the plus models LED light size?

At the time when the non plus were made the Lutron patent was still active and Jasco didn’t pay the royalty. If yours work that’s great, I never had much luck on HE:

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I consider myself very lucky then. I have a dozen of them that report and can go to the device page and turn them on and off and watch the status update without using polling. I'm not usually that lucky.


Ah I understand now. Yes all older had larger LED. And yes there was a batch of non plus that had smaller LED but they still had problems reporting status too.

There are custom drivers for some of the GE in wall devices. The associated discussion thread has a lot of information about GE models, capabilities, and limits. I am pasting a link to that thread here ([RELEASE] GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Switch Driver). In any case, the custom drivers (if they apply to your hardware) are highly recommended.

Yes @JasonJoel has several community drivers and can probably comment on those questions.

Thanks. I have been using his drivers for a while now on the devices I already have installed. They work great, the only problem I have had is I cannot get associations to work on my zwave plus fan device.

I thought the only time the non plus device would not update was when it was turned off or on from the device itself. I just tested a couple of non plus devices and got the same results as you, changing the state from the device page did result in it being updated but at the device level it did not.

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If I change the device at the switch itself it updates my device page. @ritchierich did say "if they are close to the hub they may work" and my home is only 1000 sq ft so maybe that's why. I'm just happy they work without polling.

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Sorry, I misunderstood you. Thought you were saying they were being turned on and off from the device page.

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I have a few Jasco (GE) ZW4001 switches - pre ZwavePlus. They report on/off and digital/physical fine to my C4 hub with the latest platform.

Solved the double tap fan mystery and I am kicking myself really hard right now.

I bought a zwave plus fan controller years ago on Amazon and confirmed with my emailed receipt. The fan controller is not zwave plus. How I didn't catch that when it arrived I will never know.