MIMO2+ Included but not working

I see Hubitat officially supports the Foretrezz MIMO2+ so I have added this zwave device successfully to Hubitat.

The problem is that I can't seem to control the relays or detect if the MIMO2+ contact states are logged but the device config looks fine as far as I can tell.

I did a Zwave repair to see if that could help and no go.

Can anyone take a peek at the logs below and help interpret what the issue is for me?

I don't have one of these, but I'm looking at the webpage for them. Does this require secure pair?
Asking for a friend :grin:

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I have no idea....and if so how would I do that?

I just read it on the spec page. I searched it out and found this. Perhaps this will help you

Yes, do not join this device with security enabled, the driver doesn't support secure inclusuon.

If you have "All Secure Z-Wave" enabled, you need to change that "Locks/Garage Doors". The three screen shots below will show you how to get check/change the setting.

  1. Go to Z-wave details

  2. Make sure is says "Locks/Garage Doors"

  3. And not .. "All Secure Z-Wave"

I have many zwave devices.... this would really set me back to have to re connect every device I have ( at least 25 devices)
and not even sure this step will fix the problem!

No - you do not need to reset the z-wave radio. All you need to do is select "Locks/Garage Doors" and then click Update.

Do not click reset at the bottom of the page - you will lose all your z-wave devices

ok,,,, let me see if this works

After you set it to "Locks/Garage Doors", then exclude the MIMO2 and pair it again.

As @mike.maxwell indicated, the MIMO2 driver will not work if you pair this device in secure z-wave mode.

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That did it ! Thanks and proof the support community is working. I was able to now turn on and off relay 1 and 2.

Next step is how to read the status of the dry contacts. If you look at the device options, I don't see any icons for the device to show status of the 2 dry contacts.

Any suggestions or thoughts on this?


Nevermind....I see that is listed in the status section of the device listing at right of page.

Thanks for your help

Much appreciated!


Beginning with the first release of 2.1.***, the native MIMO2+ driver seems to have stopped reporting On/Off event changes.

I have Rules and Apps both watching for "switch" changes, which NEVER get fired even though the on/off actually occurs!. The on/off events never get shown in the device's event log, nor do they appear in Live Logging - with or without debug/descriptionText logging enabled.

@mike.maxwell - could you please have a look? The child devices are configured:

The fix for this will be in the next build, 2.2.2

Thanks - I guess I can live with Rules that never fire until then...

My sensros are protecting my front door and gate.
So my home has being insecure for abaout 30 days now.
Any idea when the update firmwaere will come?

Roll back to where this device works until the update is issued. I've not had any problems since rolling back.

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Thaks, I have no idea how to roll back, can anybody give me alink to the procedure. Thanks

Go to the Hub diagnostic tool (http://your_hubitat_ip:8081). Then select "Restore previous version".