Milight / easy bulbs


I am currently thinking about adding Hubitat to my home setup. I currently use Smartthings & Home Assistant. What I was trying to see is if you were able to tie Milight / easybulb / limitlessLED lights to Hubitat without writing my own app? I listed three but believe they are all on the same UDP protocol. I have both milights and easybulb. I love how easy home assistant is to setup this type of light.



Have you looked into the Yeelight App. You can bring in bulbs that are MiLight and Yeelight into either of the phone apps so might work.


I have a few apps that can control the bulbs. But how would that then work via Hubitat?


Hubitat has native Yeelight support. If you add the bulbs to the Yeelight app, Hubitat should be able to discover and use them.


excellent info. Thank you both for your time. I think I will order one of these guys and give it a whirl . I have 20+ milights tied to a ESP board I programed to mimic an infinite controller.. so this functionality is pretty much needed for me.

Thanks again!


Just realized you were also the one who replied on the group of lights question I asked. Thanks again for all your quick and helpful responses. I did have another issue with the milights. The yeelight app requires a login. The mi-light & easy bulb setups all use local controllers and do no outside communication. Do you use any Milight, easy bulb, limitlessled bulbs with your setup? I am thinking I will have to create some home-grown solution for these :frowning:


No problem!

I don't, but I do have yeelights. If you add your milights to the yeelights app, can you enable local lan control on them?


I was hoping to not have to create a new account, but ill give it a shot and see


So the milight/easybulbs won't work with this app. Its expecting builbs to have wifi. The bulbs I have do not connect to wifi directly. they connect via a hub that is connected to wifi. I tried to connect the hub to the app to see if would allow that, but that too did not work. So the Yeelight route for the milight easy bulbs is not going to work :frowning:


Do you have the Wi-Fi MiLight Gateway? They use the Limitless LED api... I might be able to look into implementing that if nobody else has.



Yes I do have several of those. They worked in home assistant and Smart things but so far I don't see any solution within hubitat. I just got my hubitat a couple days ago, so I am still learning. Once I get more familiar with it I am happy to try to assist in any app development. Not sure how that process works on this platform yet.


My coworker actually has these ... maybe he will let me borrow them to develop. It's very similar to SmartThings --- if you could point me to the driver you used with it there, I may even be able to get that working.


The "SmartApp" in smart things on my setup is called MiLight Manager.

I think it came from fireboy1919 : MiLight Manager