Down Lights RGBW Pool Area

Hi all,

I'm building an indoor pool. I'm looking for lighting options. The ceiling will be magnesium board (basically drywall). I am looking for hubitat controlled RGBW down lights (cans). I have nothing in the area, still at the studs. I've looked at Mi-Lite devices, specifically the FUT069, which is pretty close, except the hub integration appears to be poor. They are water resistant and bright enough to cover the area.

I'm looking for some alternatives or suggestions. Think damp area, shower, or outdoor rated.

I can put in metal can housings if needed or just use stand alone-units. I'm more concerned about how they integrate and behave with Hubitat.


They are WiFi and an ultra brief look says they don't have a LAN (local) API. That means integration would most likely be via their cloud. You'll see most advice around here to avoid cloud. It's the risk that we're cautioning. A closed system means, when they close their doors, they close their cloud and you have to find something else... in a Day. (See Insteon for verification.)

Given that, you'll probably be advised to search for Zigbee lights. I have a Juno Connect 4"wafer light that's Wet rated and Zigbee, and works on Hubitat, but this particular one is CT.. shades of white, not RGB. I still haven't seen an RGB or RGBW version but it might just mean it's 'parts constrained'

They use a gateway called WL-Box1 . I've seen some usage around setting up a link via and I've started to try that out. However I'm a bit leery of that with 36 or so new devices and I've done the whole 8266 thing back in my Smartthings days. I just found it too unreliable and not "wife approved"

I'll check out Juno Connect though! Thanks for the suggestion.