Migration from C-4 to C-8 and Zigbee radio

I received my C-8 last night and began my long and painful manual migration to the C-8.

The Z-Wave was a bit of a pain, but everything seemed to go over just fine.

The Zigbee is a bit of a different story. I have several devices from battery operated flood and motion sensors to Inovelli blue series dimmers and nothing seems to want to successfully pair. I manually removed each device and went as far as to reset the radio. Each and every time I try to pair any device, nothing actually pairs and it times out. And yes, I am resetting the device and entering pairing mode.

Note, all things Zigbee and Z-Wave were working just fine (I tested) prior to conversion this morning. And I’ve rebooted the C-8 several times, moved it to slightly different spots and still isn’t pairing anything.

Not sure what I’m missing?

Reach out to support. There is an issue with Zigbee radio on latest fw versions. You might be running into that. Probably best pause the zigbee part of your migration until the updated firmware is public. Won't be long.

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I’ll tag the @support_team to ensure they have this information.

As @davidinjp indicates, the team is working on fixes to these types of issues.

So, I've updated to latest firmware version and I still can't get a single Zigbee device to pair. I really hope a workaround or fix is coming...

This is getting more painful every day. Came home to a dark house (front lawn low voltage lights on a zigbee outlet) and one of three window blinds stuck open. I'm losing 1 to 2 zigbee devices everyday since migrating to the C8. Once a zigbee devices falls off my network I rejoin it to the old C7 using HubMesh. However, with over 50 zigbee devices remaining on the C8 just waiting to fail, I'm REALLY hoping for a solution sooner than later.


Lost more since this morning. It has to make me wonder, if everyone's experience is THIS bad why is there not more chatter on the subject? And if not, is there a batch of bad hardware some of us have?

From what I’m seeing on the community, there are indeed a few people with these types of issues. Fortunately, there are a lot who are reporting a good transition, or not reporting issues.

Based on what I’ve seen in the past, I expect that solutions to the issue(s) will be found and resolved in relatively short order. Unfortunately, it does make for a crappy experience until then…

@Sebastien is correct, there are a few people that are seeing this but I, for one, do not. I have 28 Zigbee devices and other than Hampton Bay Fan Controllers that have always been a royal pita.

However, to a large extent, the problems I had with them on the C-8 are self inflicted. I did a manual migration and intentionally did not migrate any of the repeaters that had been deployed on the old hub. I was hoping that the external antenna would overcome the HBFC's poor reception. It didn't.

I purchased an in-wall Zigbee switch and swapped it with a perfectly good ZWave one, just to get a repeater in the same room as my most cussed HBFC. I relocated a repeater and now all of my HBFC have been 100% for almost 3 days.

In Zigbee logs I see:

PoolTable Ceiling Controller 2023-03-18 12:59:51.809 profileId:0x104, clusterId:0x19, sourceEndpoint:1, destinationEndpoint:1 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:216, lastHopRssi:-46
Kids Ceiling Controller 2023-03-18 12:56:53.381 profileId:0x104, clusterId:0x19, sourceEndpoint:1, destinationEndpoint:1 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:255, lastHopRssi:-25
Study Ceiling Controller 2023-03-18 12:56:48.965 profileId:0x104, clusterId:0x19, sourceEndpoint:1, destinationEndpoint:1 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:255, lastHopRssi:-25
Office Ceiling Controller 2023-03-18 12:56:39.230 profileId:0x104, clusterId:0x19, sourceEndpoint:1, destinationEndpoint:1 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:196, lastHopRssi:-51

I've never seen this for the HBFC on the old hub: lastHopLqi:255, lastHopRssi:-25

The new Zigbee chip, with it's full support of v3.0, has a new SDK I presume and it wouldn't shock me that there's some new interaction going on that hasn't been nailed down... yet. If I were seeing this, I'd have migrated back and put myself in a holding pattern, with one or two "test migrations" after each Platform update to see if it resolved my particular issues. This particular 'onion' will get peeled, but it's impossible to say if your issue is in the next layer or the one after that :smiley:

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I have yet to get a single zigbee device to pair, from hardwired to battery. I've tried a range of devices too, all factory reset prior to pairing attempts.

I initially report a flawless migration (and it was), but I'm definitely also experiencing Zigbee issues. I just haven't gone back to edit my post. They are not catastrophic failures like some have reported so I'm living with them for now, but having to re-pair a device here and there every few days is not a good user experience. I have faith that the talented guys over there will get it figured out, but evil thoughts around resurrecting the C5 still bubble up.

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A bunch of us have/are/were having issues. Be sure to notify support. Join the beta channel (ask support how) and there is chatter ongoing in there.

Well I reached out to support to join beta and they told me no beta was currently available. Getting quite frustrated that all my zigbee devices are still offline and very little chatter going on.


same here. My zigbee mesh is a mess and I'm not seeing any solutions. I reached out to @support_team and its nothing but crickets

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While this isn't an optimal solution, if you still have an old C5 or C7 lying around, you can move your fallen zigbee devices to them via Hubmesh. I've been losing almost one device per day, and each time one falls off, I repair it to the old C7 hub, where at least it stays put and is still (mostly seamlessly) integrated.
I apologize if this isn't the first time you've gotten this recommendation, and I agree it really shouldn't have to be this way, but it is what it is. :person_shrugging:

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Only have a c4. I should have waited as mentioned, but it would be nice for a statement with an estimate or at least warning to other early adopters of known issues.

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100% agree. If this is some bad batches of hardware that's one thing, but if this applies to all units then it shouldn't be shipping, or at least with a warning. Many hours of my time wasted needlessly.

On the positive side, the Zwave in C8 is a huge upgrade!

I'm not saying this to rub it in or anything. I'm responding to and hopefully answering your sort-of question. I have (40) Zigbee devices and all of them migrated without issue and have been running very solidly since I migrated from my C7 on 9 March. So, I don't think it's all hardware units.

I hope this can be resolved quickly - and Good luck!

Edit: Typo. Changed 4 devices to 40.

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I misunderstood your post the first time I read it so I'm editing my response:
I've gotten vague replies from HE Support indicating the issue isn't limited to certain hardware batches, and the problems are dependent on ZigBee network variables. ie, if you and I swapped hubs, I will probably experience the same issues.
I was hoping it was something simple like a bad hardware batch because that would be a simple guaranteed fix.


I agree that it’s likely due to Zigbee network differences. That’s certainly unfortunate and harder to solve. I hope the Hubitat staff can solve it soon.

BTW, not it that it makes much difference with the issue, but I edited my post because I mistyped the number of Zigbee devices I have. I have 40 not 4.

Newest version of Hubitat and same issues. I've still yet to get a single Zigbee device to pair... surely I have to have bad hardware right?

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