Migrated my Airbnb to Hubitat

I migrated my main house a year or so ago... and now with SmartThings deprecating the groovy IDE, the time has come - and I've spent the last 24 hours ago re-pairing 75 devices to Hubitat. I wrote my own 'Rental Lock Automator' (auto code lock from airbnb calendar) that interfaces with the Maker API on Hubitat.

I used WebCore for all of my airbnb automations, so I just installed it on the Hubitat and moved everything over. Generally speaking, it was all easy.

Just wanted to say thank you to the Hubitat and WebCoRE developers.

Edit: Oh! And ActionTiles! It's how I interact with Hubitat :).

I'll be updating this page in the upcoming week to reflect that I'm now using Hubitat :).


Hi @klinquist, you inspired me to use Hubitat to automate thermostat functions for checkin/checkout. Can you expand on what integration/open source code you are running on the Pi to grab the information from Airbnb cal?

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What Ashok said :). Airbnb has an iCal link on the host’s page that contains reservation info.

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