[PROJECT] Very basic external/raspberry pi RBoy's Rental Lock Automator replacement

Wish I had the time to do this in Groovy / natively...

But for now- I'll run this on a raspberry pi and have it interact with Hubitat via the Maker API.

Sets lock codes to the last 4 digits of a guest phone number and also changes the mode at your defined check in time.
Deletes the code and changes the mode at your defined check out time.

Requires nodejs and ideally something like pm2 to keep it running full time.


This makes me wish I had a smartlock on our cottage. :wink:

Thanks for adding more cool stuff to the HE community!

I would love to see a phone interface for that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I could give it a webserver that would let you set the config and see schedules ... hmmm


Oooh.... That could be good. While I wouldn't use it for Air b&b, I would use it for letting people into my house while were gone and service people...

Hubitat already has a lock code manager app you can use to add/remove codes from locks.

Yeah but it's a pain.... Doing it through a web page or an app would certainly be cleaner... I would also be willing to paypal for the cause :slight_smile:

Sorry, that's not something I will tackle :slight_smile:

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