MCOHOME Touch Panel Switch

Hi guys,

Anyone know how to integrate MCOHOME 1,2,3 and 4 gang? Do let me know if anyone here using it. Thanks.

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I have installed MCOHOME Touch Smart Switch on all of the switches in my house and I have problems integrating them. I have 1 gang, 2 gang and 4 gang from MCOHOME. For the 1 gang switch, I was able to use the generic zwave switch. Anyone can helpe with 2gang and 4 gangs?


Anyone can help?

I don't see these on the compatible device list. I assume they will pair, but you'll need to write a custom driver to expose all the switches.

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Alright thanks. Will try to figure it out.

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Do we have anything new regarding the MCOHOME touch smart switches? Is there a generic driver we can use?

You can use the generic z wave or neo coolcam for 2gang

Hi, I just got a MCHome 4 gang switch but I can't figure out how to add child devices under virtual devices. Anybody here able to help?

Ok, for anyone else having issues like me, I have found the solution and I can now see all 4 gangs of my MCOHome device.

  1. I went to Community Device Drivers (AKA Compatible Devices Wiki) and went to MCOHome, and downloaded both the "Driver for Triple" and added this as stated in the post.

  2. Went to the "Driver for Triple" and went to line 225 and found "for (i in 1..3) {" and changed the 3 to 4.

  3. I went to devices and clicked on recreate children.

  4. Bam it works!

I hope this helps someone who is having the same issue as me!

Hi Iā€™m fairly new to this when you say you download the three game driver and then added this where did you add this to

How to install Custom Drivers

thanks for your answer i ha worked out how to do that part the problem is in thew wiki it says i neeed 2 files where do i put the 2nd file if i add it to the end of the first one i get a void error

Hi, I recently switched over from ST to a C-7 hub. I have a couple of MCOHOME 1, 2 & 4 gang switches as well.

Did you have any problems adding the switches to your hub? I am able to add some of the 1 gang switches while the others are forever stuck at initialising on the add Zwave page.

Hi, I tried this today and it works great if you operate the lights from the driver settings. When I try to add the child devices to a dashboard with the Switch template it doesn't get discovered properly. If you click the switch tile it turns the light off but it doesn't understand how to toggle the light back on. Has anybody solved this problem? When I add the tile it doesn't show a the switch icon instead it has a question mark icon and the text "unknown".

It is my first day with Hubitat and it looks very promising. Hopefully I can get this going with your help.

I followed your instructions but it does not work. The 2 gang works using the qubino 2 realy module, but I need to make 3 gang works. Could you please help me?

I got these installed in my new house after some testing and have paired them with Hubitat and all of them are working really well except one. I have raised it with Hubitat for resolution.

These switches also have indicator brightness and on/off control but couldn't get that to work with the above mentioned drivers. I am hoping Hubitat or someone else develops a custom driver for these to get more out of these.

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