No response from Support

I wonder if there is any support that can help me. No reply even few emails sent. No ticket and no response.
At least let me know if there is nothing can be done so I don’t have to wait.

Did you get an automated response to your email with a ticket number. You should do.
Maybe check your spam folder if you did not.


You got an answer from the Community.. you may not have liked the answer, but you did get one. "The device(s) are not on the compatible device list. "

Don't wait, is how I'd interpret that. :slight_smile: Especially if you're not able to be the First to use them and tell us how you progressed.


Alright thanks

I checked many times but nothing from hubitat. Its okay since its not in the compatible list then I'll figure it out myself. Thanks for responding.

Yes, those will need a custom driver. It can be done, but it'll need someone who knows how to write custom drivers, who also is motivated to write it for themselves.


If you send an email, you should expect an automated response, which means it should be very very quick. Minutes, not days. If no automated email, check your spam folder. Still nothing? Re-send the email.

It's important to understand also, this Community forum is NOT a substitute for an email to This is a forum for people interested in the progress of Hubitat. Although Hubitat Staff do participate in this Community, they are allowing the Community to help the Community. Since you did get an answer, if I were a Hubitat support person, I'd have marked the Ticket as "Answered via Community" and moved to the next one. Of course Hubitat's Support is SO much better than I am... so much so that you certainly hear the 'tone of astonishment' when we read messages of "no response". It's not that it's impossible to miss an email, but we've been treated to exceptional support and tend to believe everyone has that experience. :slight_smile:



This might help you get going:

You'll have to port it from SmartThings to Hubitat.


Thank you so much for your help. Much appreciated. ill try to find a way for the conversion

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This might help:

Also, recommend you get a device fingerprint for your MCOHOME devices by pairing them to Hubitat. From what I've read, they've changed the fingerprint multiple times. So it would be good to start with an accurate fingerprint for your specific devices.


To be honest I'm lost with all the codes and etc. Will take sometime to understand how it works. You have been a great help. Now I know where to start for the conversion.

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Make sure you used the same EMAIL address that the hub is registered to. I sometimes flip back and forth between Gmail and Yahoo Email. The Yahoo is ignored as I used my Gmail account to register hub.


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