Matter Consciot RGBTW

I'm really confused by this one....

These bulbs are reporting events from a webcore piston--I paused the piston and it is still doing it.


55 events on one bulb today (built-in generic RGBW bulb matter driver)

Oddly, when Alexa turns on and off the bulbs or changes colors, there is NOT such a huge uptick in events. So, this does NOT seem to be a reporting issue. Maybe a confirmation issue?

Take a look at this bulb that is rarely used...

I turned it on and off 5 times in Alexa (where the bulb was on-boarded)

Hub usage looked like this...

Then I turned it on/off 6 times using hubitat

And look at these stats!!!

Then I switched to that alpha driver from @kkossev ...

And there was really no difference in hub traffic...

I hope that this information was useful. If not, let me know what I can do and/or provide.

It seems like upgrading to the Matter bulbs have quieted down.

Same action BEFORE upgrading...

Same action AFTER upgrading..

16 events vs 3 events.

Good Job Developers.

I still have some more testing, but this looks promising.

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Well, I was hopeful, but wrong...

These devices once again ate up all my hub memory and processing...

I'm going back to sending open/closed virtual contacts to Alexa and letting Alexa turn on an off the lights. Of course if my internet is down (rarely) or Alexa is down (even more rare), I will be in hot water when the bathroom lights don't turn on. :wink:

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These 31K Hub actions are not normal.... Have you checked whether you are not creating some kind of loop from your WebCoRE piston ?

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Can you return only one of these bulbs (that has the slightest chance to affect the WAF) paired via Matter directly to the HE hub for further tests?

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I've been reading the release notes waiting for this feature. I just checked. On the App, adding a new device seems that the instructions are saying to pair with Alexa/Google/Apple first.

Am I (as usual) missing something?

My plan is to move the matter bulbs to HE once adding devices is supported. If there is a beta, I'd be glad to participate.

I have probably misunderstood what you are doing... No, HE still can not act as a Matter commissioner. You still need to pair it first to Alexa/Google/Apple, etc... (I can add Zemismart M1 hub to the list).

So what was your last change? The bulbs are still paired to both Alexa and HE, but you are not controlling them from HE - using virtual switches to Alexa instead? But the bulbs are still paired to HE, although not used for control?

I have two versions of the piston.

First one was ...

wall switch on, turn on bulbs 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8; set color, set level
wall switch off, turn off bulbs 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

That is the one that drove up the hub actions crazy.

I was using this...

wall switch on, open virtual contact
wall switch off, close virtual contact

Before the last update, if I turned on/off the bulbs from HE, there was a ton of chatter. After the update, the events reported on/off only. So, I switched back to the first piston and it jammed up my hub. Now, I am back to the second piston.

Yes, the bulbs are paired in Alexa and (currently) only controlled from Alexa.

Check if, when using the stock HE Matter driver, setColor and setLevel do not also turn the bulb on... I think that you do not need the turn on commands.

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The bulbs are responding on Echo. I upgraded to last night and now they do not respond or even receive updates on HE.

Queue full? I guess that I could clear it with a reboot, but I did the upgrade last night at 10:13 PM and nothing has been responding (from HE) or updating since the upgrade.

See those unknown App sources, that is because even with the piston paused, I was getting a ton of events. So, I deleted the piston. Still the events came piling in-- I assume from the queue, but that still does't explain why the queue would be full after an update/reboot.

That''s one of the big benefits of the Matter protocol.
One and the same Matter device can be controlled by different systems at the same time, so even if one of the systems fail, the others will still continue controlling it.

Yes, rebooting the HE hub should clear the queued commands to devices (this works not only for Matter, but also for Zigbee and Z-wave and LAN devices). @bcopeland can you confirm this assumption?

In your case, however - something is filling in the commands queue very quickly. I thought it might be your WebCoRE piston, but you are saying that it is disabled.

What remains is Alexa echoing the bulb level changes back to Hubitat. But the Echo integration should send Level updates, not commands!

Are you using the inbuilt "Amazon Echo Skill," and this Matter bulb is also exposed this way to Alexa ? Probably this may be causing the loop?

Yes… But @junk2 can you PM me your hub id?.. Queue full means something broke and I would like to see the engineering log so I can find the issue and fix it.


Will do...

Any word on when the Hubitat Hub will be have provisioning for Matter devices?


Nope. I made sure of this shortly after I added the bulbs.

After last night's reboot (6:47 PM -- less than 24 hours ago), HE is picking up the state changes from the bulbs. It appears that cleared the queue.

Look at the device logs...

I only have these bulbs included in ONE piston now. It is a device health check that runs once a day at 11:00 AM. No commands, no on/off, no level, just a status check.


The stats look good now...
What happens, if you manually start two pistons that simply send the setLevel(0) and setLevel(100) ?

Hub Actions stats should increase by one count for each single piston call.

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These are two other bulbs in a room that is barely used. On with motion sensor active. Off when inactive...

These are being controlled by a piston. But it is a really simple piston..

We have (maybe) gone in/out of that room a dozen times today.

setColorTemperature() and setLevel may be also sending on() command. So turning the bulb on may count for five Hub Actions, if the on/off switch state is not updated fast at the device matter driver.

Here is the simple piston...

Here are the events before running...

Device stats before...

Events after (ai carumba!)

Device stats after

Here are the device logs. I turned on debug for this bulb only.

And yep. The hub is operating at elevated after updimming and downdimming one bulb!

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It's all clear now - Matter multiple subscriptions ...

@bcopeland is aware, and hopefully, a fix in the HE platform will be available soon.
Until then, you can try this custom driver - it should mitigate the problem to a certain degree.

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