Matter Consciot RGBTW

I used google home to connect to the bulbs. Then got them added to hubitat matter as a generic matter RGBW driver. One problem is the error errorgroovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: hue for class: java.lang.String on line 292 (method setColor).
More serious is if the power is turned off and then back on, not only does it not report the state, the bulb cannot be turned off by hubitat. Google home works normally, detecting the power on condition of light on and able to turn it off/on. Eventually after about 3 minutes the bulb is controllable again. But I think that's only true if on/off has been selected with nothing happening a few times.


I've seen this behavior with the third reality 3 in 1 matter night light. I found waiting around a minute and hitting initialize speeds up the process in gaining control again.



What was the exact command sent for setColor? .. This seems to point to the absence of a hue value which is kinda important for setColor.

I figured out what causes it. Since there is no way in rule machine to set color to a variable. I did run custom action and did set color to a string. setColor('Orange') on Family 1 Then I don't think it matters what value is used I get that error. Every so often I also get:
org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass.MissingMethodExceptionNoStack: No signature of method: GenericMatterRGBWBulb.deviceHealthCheck() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] (method deviceHealthCheck)

This is a scheduled periodic job from a custom driver that you have probably tried ...
Switch temporarily to the HE inbuilt 'Device' driver and clear all scheduled jobs and states from the previous driver. Then revert back to the driver you are using now.

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Thanks. I thought all drivers did an unschedule when they are updated.

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Do you have the format fro using custom action "SetColor"?

I have 8 of these bulbs in my bathroom. They are reporting as spammy.

I suspect that rather than turning on/off. They report like this...

level 1
level 2
level 3
level 94
level 95
level 96
level 97
level 98
level 99
level 100


This jams up hubitat and my processor goes to severe...

I'd suggest that the matter driver is updated to ignore these reports somehow.

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Here is a log from one of the bulbs. I can't send any commands from hubitat to the bulb as the queue is full.


I'm guessing that this is a queue that holds the outbound matter commands.


Wow, it is more spammy than the spammiest Tuya devices I have dealt with ...

You got my attention!

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Between my chatty Tuya devices and these, my hub is ready to surrender.


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Besides the level, what else is sent as hub events too frequently?
Hue, saturation, color?


Maybe, I need to turn off debug logging. (doh)

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That's enough, turn all the logs off.

I noticed when I use hubitat to turn lights off, it fades thru every level. when I use google home, it instantly turns off.

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Same, except, I used Alexa.

Reporting for Matter RGBW bulbs will be reduced in next build