Many Z-wave devices not refreshing

I finally finished installing the last of my z-wave plus switches (GE Enbrighten). And now I am noticing more than half of my switches are not updating in hubitat. If they are off I can turn them on from the dashboard or the device page, but hubitat still shows as off until I manually refresh it. (Same for devices which are off).

I have done the following:

  1. Z-Wave repair (showed about a 3rd of my devices failed)

  2. Shut down and unplugged the hub for about 5 minutes.

  3. Removed all Apps which could be causing any lag at all, I am down to very minor automations.


Did you just update to the latest version?

My Z-Wave network, which has all been working perfectly for months, stopping working.

My iBlinds are not working properly.

Motion-controlled Z-Wave dimmers, Zooz and Inovelli, are no longer motion-controlled.

I knew better than to update when everything was working but I did it again.


Dangit, I didn't mean to update the hub, but I am now on

I'll try to rollback.

I'm kind of seeing the opposite..
So I have had recent trouble with devices not firing on physical events, particularly my older Zooz switches. It's weird and seems to be at the device level not HE. Also the Ilumin bulbs in our master bedroom sconces have been randomly unresponsive as well. With this last upgrade and a little tweaking things actually seem to be a little better. :crossed_fingers:

edit: the Zooz issue is likely separate and still a problem but the mesh overall seems okay.. still watching it carefully though.

I have tried rolling back to the previous 3 versions but none of them fixed the issue, devices control just fine but do not update their status.

Which driver are you using? I know that the new Z-Wave plus switch drivers have this behavior.

I am using the older Generic Z-Wave Plus drivers and things are fine.

I was having this issue on the generic, I swapped to the Enbrighten drivers and the issue continued. I'll switch back and see if things improve.

Did you hit the configure button on the device detail page after changing drivers?

Nope! Let me go through and set all the switches to generic and hit configure. I'll report back in about 15 minutes

If they are the newer style shallow, no side tab models they should be using the Enbrighten drivers.

Okay I'll keep that in mind. I have like.. 20% are the older style. I'll try and remember which were which

Try to, because it matters.

Old models - "Generic Z-wave Smart Dimmer"
New models - "GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Dimmer"
(obviously substitute SWITCH for DIMMER in the driver name if it is a switch and not a dimmer)

The drivers are not interchangeable, and do not work 100% right when applied to the wrong model.

Now, this may not even be your problem, but it is a good place to start as you need the right drivers on the right devices anyway long term.

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Would having the wrong driver's effect the hops? Because to test I took one switch which isn't refreshing and used both drivers (+configure) and it doesn't fix it


Okay I do have some good news. My dimmers appear to be working again. I tried the Embrighten Dimmer and the Generic Z-Wave plus Dimmer and neither worked. But "Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer" does work!

I'll just have to go one by one and try different drivers.

That's why I recommended it. :wink:

There are also user made drivers for these devices that expose more features - if you need them. If not, stick with the in-box drivers.

The Hub will recognize the device fingerprint and pick the Enbrighten drivers...if it doesn't, then the Generic Z-Wave Plus drivers are the right ones.

I have a mixture of old and new GE/Jasco devices in my house. Some are branded "Enbrighten"...but the hub picked the Enbrighten driver when it recognized the device fingerprint on those.

I feel stupid, I thought you were recommending the z-wave plus ones... Definitely need to read twice, edit once haha

Okay I am remembering now why my device handlers are all out of wack. I messed up the pairing on a few of the new switches and didn't enter the 5 digit code so some of my Enbrighten switches were reverted to generic switches.

After I make sure all the devices work I'll go to all the Enbrighten ones with generic drivers and exclude and reinclude them with the secure code.