Lutron Caseta Setup Tutorial

It took a bit for it to sink in with me, but the Hubitat really wants you to be within about 2 feet, sometimes inches, when pairing Z Wave and Zigbee devices. That caused me some unnecessary anxiety early on :slight_smile:

Also at first I thought I could take my time and move things from ST to Hubitat one by one over a long period of time, but found this wasn’t too practical as I was basically destroying the radio meshes, ended up having a day or two devoted to migration…this is probably location dependent YMMV.

So all in one go? Can you take the usb radios to each device like gen 5?

I guess, with a long cat5 cable and power cord you would walk the Hubitat around the house. (I think we’re digressing from the thread topic though :slight_smile: )

We are and thanks again

Sorry just to check is this the right one

That’s non Pro, also is a kit that contains wall switches that I’d guess won’t work in the UK.

This is the one I bought ...

Thanks but not shipped to uk

An important point is that those wall switches use the Lutron ClearConnect protocol, same as the Pico’s. Lutron’s quite happy with that BUT your Z-Wave Hubitat hub cannot speak ClearConnect and must use the SmartHub.

It’s common with Lutron to pair Pico’s to a switch (Associate in Z-Wave speak) which is even faster. (The Pico would then talk DIRECTLY to the wall switch/dimmer. This is why Lutron installations don’t NEED a hub first.) But that’s almost the opposite of the desire for those of us here in the Hubitat pond, or at least ME. :slight_smile: I use the many Pico’s and all I want them to be is a Button. I then want to imagine some wonderful use for that button… a push or a hold. (Thus the 5 button Pico becomes a 10 button Pico.)

As in UK can only use with picos anyway adviced above smart bridge pro and picos? Just finding product to ship to uk

There's a seller on Ebay that says they ship to the UK:

There's another in Canada but says they ship to Canada and the US. I'm thinking Canada to UK is less expensive/involved than US to UK...

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and then on ebay UK there's this one:

Already in the UK :smiley:


Thanks to all for the instructions on how to get the Lutron integration working.

I just setup my hub over the weekend and so far I’m really impressed with the responsiveness.

I have a pico controlling a cree connected bulb that used to be paired with SmartThings, and I can’t believe how much faster it is.


I really like the Cree bulbs for just this reason. I have two for bedside lamps in a room filled with z-wave dimmers. The Crees come on noticeably faster than the z-wave lights, all fired from the same motion sensor. Same or better responsiveness with Pico, pretty much instantaneous.

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Ok I want to do similar - but trying to find the write up ...

I have all of my crees and hues connected to the Hue Bridge which is currently connected to both ST and HE until I get things moved.

I would like to have a pico control some of the bulbs connected to the Hue bridge ... but failing to see how

You need a Lutron Caséta SmartBridge Pro. That’s what you connect the Picos with.


Just installed the Pro bridge found the telnet toggle in the Lutron app and got 1 of my dimmers and 1 pico migrated over from the non-Pro bridge

Looking for how do I have the Pico button press turn on Hue Light “Foo”

so press Pico Button 1 Turn on Cree “Bar”
press Pico Button 2 Turn on Hue “Foo”

With all the zigbee bulbs attached to the Hue Bridge (which I already integrated with HE)

So just use Button Controller or Rule Machine to link a particular Pico button to a particular bulb.

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How do you go to live logging?

A picture is worth a thousand words... Also read the next post in this same thread for some live logging tips.

Thanks - the issue I was having was realizing I could remove the room from the Pico in the Caseta Hub... once its not paired to anything this is much more sensical :slight_smile: