Lutron Caseta Scene Trigger

Hello all, apologies if this has been asked and answered (I think I saw it somewhere, but now I can not find it anymore).

I'm fully set up and integrated with my Lutron Smart Bridge Pro and Hubitat. Everything works.

I'm looking for a way to trigger the scenes I already have in Lutron from Hubitat. My MASTER OFF for example, gives me a popcorn effect when I use Rule Machine to turn off all lights, but when I trigger the scene from the Lutron App, all of the lights turn off together. Just lookign for a way to trigger the scenes that I have saved on the Smart Bridge Pro instead of using Rule Machine.



Still looking for this.

Anyone have any ideas?

I believe if you add your smart bridge pro as a device, "k" for keypad "ID1" You end up with a 100 button, button controller. Each scene should be assigned to a button # in your integration report. That is the first 100 entries on the report.

I don't actually use any of the scenes, But I use the integration for presence on one of my kids phones.


Brilliant! I'll try this.

This worked! Thanks!

I added the Lutron keypad as a device.

But I can't find the integration report that shows the button number of my Lutron scenes.

Please help!

Look under the advanced settings within the Lutron Caseta mobile app on your phone. You’ll see an option for Integration, Send Integration Report.

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Thank you @bill.d Now I have my button numbers.
But I'm having trouble with the Simple Motion rule to activate the Lutron scene.

Here's my rule, but it's not turning the lights on. Button 1 is the Lutron Scene for two of my lights on.

Here's my logs. It seems like it's saying my lights are already on, but they aren't.

I just tried setting up a Motion Lighting app with only a button push and without a switch/dimmer to turn on. Like yours, it didn't work.

Since you don't have a switch defined in the app, I don't know where the "Not turning on, already on" would come from.

So I think ML is not the correct app for your scenario. It is easily implemented in Rule Manager, though.

Just a question, it doesn't affect this issue - is your "Lutron Keypad virtual" a virtual button device or is it the Caséta Smart Bridge Pro? If it is a virtual device, you can push the button on the Smart Bridge Pro directly in an app, you don't need an intermediary virtual button device.

It’s the Caseta Smart Bridge Pro.

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My Lutron integration report for indicates that my virtual Lutron Keypad Button 1 is a scene that has my two garage lights on.

To test, I created a rule that pushes button 1. When I run the actions of this rule, the logs indicate the button is pushed, but the lights don’t turn on.


When I run the rule actions above, the logs indicate that the button is pushed, but nothing about the lights turning on.

The scene numbering can be wonky sometimes. Try different button numbers. Sometimes if you've created and deleted Lutron scenes, your first scene may not be #1.

As said above, re-run your integration report. On my bridge scenes 1-3 are pre-filled out, #1 is Arriving Home. I'm not sure if that's true in general. My user-generated scenes start at #4.

You can also "push" any button directly on the bridge device page in Hubitat, no need to do it via an app.

I'm a new convert to Hubitat (about a week in to this journey) from SmartThings. I have no problem accessing my Lutron devices and understand how to obtain the information (thanks to this thread) for using the Lutron Scenes. However I do not see the default Lutron Smart Away scene in my integration report. Is there any way to activate this scene from Hubitat? It is one thing I would really love to automate.

@gassgs: and @philippompili: Thanks for asking the Question and thanks so much for the Excellent Solution to control Lutron Scenes from Hubitat. I use Webcore and this works perfectly.


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