Lowes IRIS Transition


zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true <-- need to see that on the Device info page:


It's part of the requirements of Locks and "Barrier Devices" to just not work if it doesn't Join Securely.

  • deviceType: 25419
  • zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true
  • inClusters: 0x85,0x73,0x72,0x98
  • deviceId: 20556
  • manufacturer: 59

If I'm reading this correctly, it appears to have paired securely?


did you read this thread??


OK... embarrassing now... I just realized I didn't correctly set it to Generic Z-wave lock after I unpaired and re-paired it. It's at least letting me control it now. So it seems that I have at least basic functionality now. Have some work to do to test it further.


Sorry for the false alarm. This transition has been a bit of trial and error. But now I think I have enough basic functionality transitioned to take a break and reset my patience.

At this point, I'm becoming quite happy with the platform. I'm just getting used to a new way of doing things.


'nother 2 weeks and you'll be the one answering the questions of the next wave of transition'rs :slight_smile:


It's been about 3 weeks for me. So far loving it. It can be overwhelming at times. It's like being a member of the book of the month club and being dropped into a full library. "here, check out anything you want."
Spent yesterday moving the last of my Wink stuff to Hubitat as the Friday crash motivated me.
So far very pleased.


I have now transitioned all my stuff. At one of my 3 properties. YAY. I was about to have a celebretory adult beverage when I realized that my Kwikset 910 back door lock is MIA now. It does not respond to device page any more. Activity shows that it ceased to communicate at 4:30 pm yesterday. It got new batteries 48 hours ago. Ran Z-Wave repair a couple times since I paired it yesterday, but that does not seem to touch battery devices. Is there any way to poke this thing back to life, or do I have to remove/ re-pair/ hook up the long ethernet cables and drag the hub to the other side of the house again? Someone please tell me I won't have to do this every day?

Oh-- it has GE Z-Wave Plus outlets on either side of it. It's not out in the back 40 by itself or anything...

UPDATE: I discovered that if I bring my laptop to the lock, (not for proximity, just for timing) then run Z-Wave repair, I could hit the lock's "program" button right about the time it should be getting to that node. Kinda like a mini-re-pairing. It worked! It's back online and "Reliable Locks" [Release] Reliable Locks seems to have hold of it for now. Crossing fingers that it stays in contact now.


I had the same problem, and I had the same exact lock. The problem was when I paired it it was about 17 feet from the hub, it paired but it had continuous connection issues with dropping connections at certain times of the day.

I had to remove the lock repair it to the hub but this time I had the lock and the hub within a foot of each other, since then I haven’t had a problem out of it.

Also I had to do the same thing to my Shlage Bn469 I believe the model is, and I had to do the same process with it and it now works fine as well.


Trying to decide move my iris to HE or ST. Can anyone tell me if first alert model zsmoke is supported? It is listed on ST devices but not on HE HE does list first alert model zcombo but not zsmoke


It is. I've got a couple connected but I'm planning to replace them soon.


Just want to say how much I appreciate the users and HE programmers who have been so helpful and understanding to all of us recent converts. I look forward to working with you all and getting even more out of my system then I did with iris.


I also was on the fence between HE and ST. I chose HE because I could use my Iris V2 keypads without a problem.


Did you use V2 plugs for this purpose and they were discovered by HB?


The Lowes Iris 3210-L outlets are easily discovered by Hubitat. Once they are properly reset (unplug for 10 seconds, hold the button while plugging in, release as soon as the LED comes on) they pair quickly for the Zigbee portion and can be controlled. They also report power usage correctly. Pairing the Z-Wave repeater is a bit more tricky. I move them to the same room as the Hubitat hub, put the Hub in device discovery/pairing mode, and then repeatedly press the button 8 times very quickly (do not wait for the outlet to turn on and off, just keep pressing the button repeatedly.) Eventually, it will be discovered as a Z-Wave Repeater. I then move it to its final location and run a Z-Wave Repair via the Hubitat Settings-Z-Wave page.


Great idea. When are you going to start selling these feeders?


Not really something worth selling since its so easy to build. The idea behind it was coming up with a dry pet food dispenser that would work for almost any animal from cats to horses and could use a bin from the size of a bucket, all the way up to a shed size.
And, be raccoon proof.


Count me as interested if you ever decide to, or share more detail.
The flexibility of Hubitat has me looking at other things to automate, if feasible.


Mike, if it would be helpful, I can likely connect you to some of the developers of the original Iris system. I was loosely connected to the AlertMe company in Cambridge UK as a US-based beta customer back in 2007. AlertMe developed the proprietary ZigBee set-up which was inherited into Iris v1 devices (Iris was originally built entirely on licensed AlertMe hardware and purpose-designed software). Malcolm


thanks, pretty sure we're good to go at this time!