Lowes IRIS Transition


Of course. I suspect our customers thought the same thing about our software back when it was barely a year since the first 1.0 "official" release. I think in another year we'll be very pleased with how far HE will have come.


yes I think it'd be a foolhardy person to go against the advice of @mike.maxwell and use that command, configure()



Yeah I suspect most of my customers still think that which is why I got out of programming as a profession... just do it for fun now.


No doubt!


After testing and learning Hubitat for a week I started the total transaction tonight from Iris.
I am pleased with the outcome so far. I first started to go with smart things but when I learned about Hubitat running local I placed an order and I am glad I did.
The community here has been great. I am looking forward to what is to come.
Thank You!


The great thing is - even IF the company moves on or whatever it still won't matter. You cannot be "Iris'd"!!!

The system becomes a part of the infrastructure of your house like lighting and can work as long as you want (or the devices hold out!!!) :smiley:


Apples and Oranges. IRIS had 24/7 Technical Support.


LMAO, wow wouldn’t have ever thought that would be said. :rofl:


I achieved my first HE feel good moment last night and thought I'd share. I used a custom driver (not mine) that enabled a Double Tap function on my GE Smart Switches. I was able to configure the double tap to turn on some cabinet lights using a Qubino RGBW controller. It took way too long to get it to work but it worked and Im pumped.


Hahaha! I'm all in on HE but IRIS was good to me so I'm going to make sure its put to rest with respect and dignity. RIP!


LOL: Operative word there is “HAD”

Unless your HE Hub dies, you’re not going to get into the same situation as Iris put you.


As it relates to H/W maybe but I've been to a few rodeos and I'm not surprised by much anymore. I'm a glass half full guy so while I'll miss IRIS I also hope HE succeeds where IRIS couldn't.


So far I'm looking at taking it one better than Iris. When you consider the stand alone off the grid functions of HE that Iris didn't have. Out here there is no cellular backup, plenty of outages. Both DSL and power. So HE has the ability to perform routine functions and security services without the net.
Add to that the interface side. The IFTTT to interact with other devices, receive motion zone alerts from security cameras and react accordingly. Then also other devices like echo plus with hub that can effectively interact with devices to give a second layer, voice input and HE has the ability to react to changes in device state. So if you turn lights on with voice command, HE can turn then back out based on setting, time, lack of motion, etc.
To cover all possibilities and have redundancy with continuous protection. Add in something like Broadlink to interact with anything with a remote control and you've got something.
A working hybrid of home automation and HE makes that possible.


Speaking of Iris, has anyone found a new keypad that will work with HE? I've got a V1 keypad that won't pair, much like all the rest of the V1 stuff I own from Iris. I know that there are used options on eBay, etc. but I'm hoping there might be some more up-to-date options.



V2 keypads work with Hubitat, I have 2 running. Hang on to your v1 sensors, they are trying to get them to work with the system.


Thanks for the reply! Indeed the v2/3 work, but sadly I've got a V1 keypad, which is why I'm hoping someone might have had success with a keypad currently available. Thanks again!


Hi bill
Steve standby here migrating from Iris was considering using this format any suggestions ?


yes, please don't
2.0.7 will have updates to the keypad drivers.


I'm joining the IRIS transition party. Spent lots of time over the last two days migrating. Got really frustrated with some z-wave plugs, but then made a bunch of progress today and got them all working. Connected my Hue hub/bulbs. Connected via Alexa. Migrated a GE smart switch. Failed at a GE smart receptacle (but I'm certain that is because I don't have a LAN cable long enough to get the hub very close).

Where I am stuck at the moment is on my Schlage FE599 lock. Took me forever to get it to unpair from Iris (because the onscreen Iris instructions were in the wrong sequence). Then it took 2 tries to get it to pair to HE. Now it comes over as an unknown device. I tried switching to the generic z-wave lock. But it doesn't respond to anything. I can't lock/unlock it remotely. Once I get this working, I plan to set up the Pushover integration. But it's the only thing that I need that integration for. So I don't want to do it until this works.

Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?


First check the device page to make sure it paired securely.