Lowes IRIS Transition


The gen 2 zigbee devices are fine (most were made by centralite), while we may not have all the fingerprints, they should join, at which point you can replace Device with the appropriate zigbee driver.
The gen 3 devices got pulled from the shelves before we got to them, though we did get the motion sensor driver published. The gen 3 keypad sort of works now, a dedicated driver for that will be in 2.0.7 unless something unexpected happens, I cracked most of that bad boy today.
There shouldn't be any issues with zwave, other than fingerprints ect.
Wi-Fi and gen 1 (alertMe) devices aren't supported.

The official list of supported devices is kept up to date.


About the biggest fun in all this is finding a device on Amazon at a good price, buying a few and finding the work real well and the the price jumps.
The plus is HE supports a greater number of devices.
In a few months after getting some of old routines to run as new ones the next step it to go one more with IFTTT and maybe set some sort of trigger with security cameras and HE to link it all in nicely.
Basically camera picks up movement in an area and sends email, email trips a response, response turns on lights. (or sentry devices)
Like if something gets in the garden and the camera spots movement the end result is the watering system sets off the sprinklers for a couple of minutes.
Right now though is getting the Alexa skill for HE to sync, or pair using the social login, keep getting an error.
So it's a matter of tampering with the laws of nature while trying to decide if it's worth putting a control unit in the ceiling fan.
Thats considering I could just stand up from the couch instead. But it would be cool.


Ok so I am in no way trying to be mean to anyone that reads this, but I have had my hub since November and if i’m correct most of my training and getting introduced to this platform came from the wonderful made youtube videos, and then I came here to get answers to things I couldn’t figure out so as far as the iris users needing a how to, ah the developers did in my opinion a fine job doing that with the YouTube videos. Again not trying to be mean to anyone.


In transitioning from Iris, it is a leading curve.
While some of the device had issues, most didn't but it was all one brand. So it's just a bit of a hunt and peck to find which device and where to get it and at a reasonable price.
Example is an iris repeater, looks like the smartplugs but no socket. Obviously not the same as the one in the list. So it's compare, and look, then buy and try.
Just a little different that pick it off the shelf and take it home.
I'm sure those from any branded system has the same adjustment.
Personally I like a challenge, and this is. HE is setup real nice and is solid, with a whole lot of integration potential.
Though for Iris users, end of the month is it. So yes, lots fumbling to get things changed, I've done my fair share, finding that an ST contact sensor isn't necessarily the same as another ST contact sensor. Or removing an Alexa App just to find I should have left it because of trouble putting it back.
So yes, you'll see a few on here doing similar, but there is potential that as those of use that are new may come up with a work around or some other nifty bit. At least to lead the way for anyone else who asks, "how do I? "
Beside, think what this will be like in 20 years? Of course by then I more than likely won't remember.


My wife stated tonight that she is concerned that my preparing for the migration from Iris is affecting my mental state.....apparently I was talking Zigbee and Zwave in my sleep last night.
I have not even connected the Hubitat hub yet, I'm trying to map out the possible solutions so that I can have a running system for some security functions ASAP, or use a Ring system to close the gaps until I get Hubitat sorted out.
"Local man loses mind over home automation migrations, film at 11..."


Ha! Man that sounds like my life. Just no your not alone.


You should point out that your mental state was already affected when you decided it would be fun to automate your house. :wink:


Ok, my Iris hub is down to only the Gen 1 things and everything else plus a few replacement parts are up and working on Hubitat! There are a few things I'm missing from Iris and wondering if there is a way to replicate them with Hubitat:
1 - Event logs that I can check and interpret easily? Ie, 6:00pm Front door unlocked, 6:30pm Outdoor lights switch on, 9:00pm Garage Door opened... etc etc
2 - On Iris I had a rule that checked if a certain door had been left open for a certain amount of time, then send me a message. Or if the garage was left open for a certain amount of time, send me a message. I have played with Rule Machine a little bit and so far haven't spotted how to do this. Any pointers or examples of something like this?
3 - Can I replace my keypad function with a Hubitat Dashboard? When an alarm goes off, is there a way to require a code entry to turn the alarm off?

Thanks for any help/guidance!

  1. Yep! Check the "Events" page on the device's admin page: Devices (left-hand menu), find your device and click/tap it, then click/tap the "Events" button/link. (You can also see some live logging in the "Logs" menu on the left and recent-ish logs in Past Logs, accessible from the live logging page, but not necessarily, as some devices let you disable this logging and some may not do it at all in the first place.)

  2. Also yep! Hubitat Safety Monitor is one way to do this; you can create a custom monitoring rule that can send notifications when something stays a certain way for a certain period of time. This will require a cancellation of the alert from the HSM app/UI itself or a dashboard (otherwise the HSM app will keep showing you have an alert). This might be what you want.
    But if you just want a simple notification when something stays a certain way for a certain period of time, Rule Machine can also do the trick. Something like "Create New Rule," name it what you want, "Select Conditions," choose the "lock" or "contact" capability (not sure what your device actually is) and the desired device(s) along with "unlocked" or "open" or however you device reports this for the state. Then click "Done" to return to the rule to continue creating it. The "Define Rule" section will fill in with the same as the condition by default, and you can probably leave this as-is. On "Actions for true," choose "Delay or repeat these actions," your desired delay, and (importantly so it only does this if it stays this way for that long) "Cancel on truth change." Then, do "Send or speak a message" and put in the appropriate options.
    (The RM UI can be confusing if you haven't used it before, so hopefully this makes sense. Basically, the "Define Rule" section will be evaluated for truth any time something under the "Conditions" section at the top changes; if the rule evaluates to true, the "Actions for True" section will be run, otherwise the "Actions for False" section will; both are optional. In simple rules, the condition and rule will usually be the same, though if you add more devices and capabilities, the rule section is where you can add more logic.)

  3. Sort of. You can PIN-protect an entire dashboard, but right now there is not a way to PIN-protect just one (or more) tile(s). So, this wouldn't do you much good if the dashboard is always up and loaded. SharpTools has a dashboard that will let you PIN-protect a tile, though it runs in the cloud. The next version of Hubitat Dashboard (possibly coming "soon") will probably have the feature you're asking for, but I can't remember if that's been confirmed.


Thank you so much! I see the logs now and that "Cancel on truth change" was the key! And I can move all the features that should be secure to a linked pin-protected dashboard so that works for now! I really appreciate your response. I think my Hubitat is now duplicating everything Iris was doing for me... well, except I still need to decide on the specifics for HSM for security alarms, but that's just because Hubitat has a lot more options I want to explore.


I totally agree, I came over from Iris a few weeks ago. There is plenty of information already available to make an informed decision. I watched all the videos (some more than once), read several reviews and ultimately went with HE over Smartthings. Yes, I am still learning but I knew that would be the case going into it. I did plenty of research on Smartthings as well, and happy with my decision.


Has anyone figured out how to make the Iris Keypad v2 "chime" when a contact sensor is opened? The Iris Hub used to do this but HSM doesn't have this option and I can't figure out how to do it via RM. It looks like the keypad has a "strobe" function. I'm assuming this is what it does when it pairs (the beep beep beep).


To add a little more info, I've sort of got this working by using Rule Machine. I created a custom command to trigger "configure()". Then a trigger rule, when a contact goes open, to run "configure()" on my keypads. The configure command makes the three quick beeps.

I don't know if this causes any issue with HSM or any other functionality of the device, as I need to do additional testing.


I was also looking for something like this. Could you post something step by step for the rest of us. I'm not experienced with doing custom commands. Also, does the keypad do the beeps when its armed and you trip a motion? I miss Iris doing this.


I would not do this, there are quite a number of commands included within configure, enable debug logging in the driver, open the live logs, then click configure...
If you're not horrified, you should be.

The iris keypads support alarm, which triggers the panic.

I can look at adding something official that mimics the iris chime...


I definitely didn't think it would be that easy. :joy:

Just getting my toes wet with this device. Iris never exposed any of this to the end user, it just sort of worked.

I'd love to see this get to a point where the "simple" things just work, but still be able to pull the curtain back when needed (sorely missing from Iris).

Anyway, glad to see your response!


One thing I definitely like about Hubitat is, unlike Iris, staff is always on here responding to us.


Not only does the HE team respond, they are actively improving the system based on the conversations.

I'm just glad that I stumbled onto HE. I was reading an article about ST and was lucky that HE was mentioned. If the author hadn't mentioned HE I might have ended up in a different place.

I have been extremely happy with HE and the team behind it!


I didn't find out about Hubitat until I'd been using ST for about 6 months and ran into the Caseta hub limit. I suspect I'd have chosen ST first anyway, since understanding why HE is better requires more knowledge than I had when I started (like realizing that Lutron's "50 device limit" is really 49 since the hub counts, and includes Picos). And while I despise Samsung (a company known for exploding phones and TVs that spy on you and sell your viewing data), Hubitat is a tiny new company with a VERY difficult business model (supporting thousands of hobbyist/hacker users for as long as they use the product by selling them a $100 device once), so SmartThings would have seemed a safer bet to me.

However, now that I (at least somewhat) know what I'm doing, Hubitat's advantages really stand out, and the strength of this community greatly reduces my fears that it might be a dead end in a few years. I won't be surprised if we find ourselves on our own eventually, and I'd welcome a promise to release the source if they ever liquidate the company, just in case. But I'd rather have a home automation system supported by the people in this community than by what passes for support at Samsung.


By testimonials, I got Hubitat first. Although a hacker at heart, after tooling with it for a while, with family and kids I felt like I didn't have enough time to invest in this product. Iris just "worked". I also have a RasPi with a usb adapter for zwave and zigbee. I tried several of the platforms out there (Habian, Home Assistant, etc. etc.) and I wasn't really happy with any of them (although after investing some time in them I may have).

I thought ST would just "work", so I initiated a return on Hubitat and bought a ST v3 hub. Then ST got here. The current state of things, between the new app and the old app, and how things just /didn't/ "work"... I was severely disappointed.

Mind you during this time I was doing a ton of research, etc., and I finally came across some posts/answers that seemed like they could help with my problems using Hubitat, so I popped open the package again (I had not returned it yet) and gave it another shot.

I was glad I did. There are still some things which I wished just worked better but I have to say, like you, I trust this product more than Samsung.

I initiated a return for ST... :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and someone had asked me earlier about how I set up the Chime. Again, probably not the best idea (as you can see a few comments up), but here it is:

First, you have to set up the custom command. From RM, select "Custom Command". For me I chose motion, then keypad, then click "New custom command...":

Next, from the drop down, select "configure". Save the rule. You can then use it for the trigger:

The rule that makes the beep. So if any of these contact sensors "opens" run this custom command on my keypads.