Lowe's Iris is Shutting Down

Any news on this?

I can confirm you were correct, I called and for 3 v1 plugs they gave me $105 plus the $100 that I had for hub. Best deal EVER! But I will say they allow a one time change, now if I get more stuff I can't add it to the redemption.

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While in my local Lowe's this morning, I found a bunch of Iris devices on a clearance table in the back of the store. They were only offering 50% discount so far. I went to another store and didn't see any on their clearance table so maybe its just my local store. But worth checking in your local stores.

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Dang, if I was coming stateside anytime soon Iā€™d be grabbing some Iris door and motion sensors.
I was over there in November and grabbed some but could go for some spares etc. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::+1:t2:

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I would like to know this as well. Where is everyone seeing that the devices need a firmware update? I don't think I have ever seen an alert in the Iris dashboard for this.

Iris automatically updates the firmware for devices, silently. I bought an Iris v2 hub earlier this year for the sole purpose of updating Iris device firmware. After pairing the devices, they were always updated by the next morning with the most current firmware. There was no user interaction required.

So I am guessing you just clicked on the Device Info tab and saw that the version was newer?

Basically. There is a web page that is available to see all of your Iris devices at once with a lot of details. I think this is the one - http://iriswebportal.com/ and then you have to drill into one of the options to show all devices. Their firmware version will be listed.

The main Hubitat discussion regarding the firmware for the Iris devices can be found in this thread

Ah, ok. Since I just removed my devices within the last two days, I am going to assume that I probably have the latest firmware updates. I am not at home right now so can't look for my self but does Hubitat display the firmware versions for the devices when paired?

I think that is a pretty safe assumption.

I do not believe it does.

As previously mentioned this is not true. This is my experience with additional devices. I had an additional 8 Gen 1 devices that I purchased from Lowes in Dec '18 that I was going to use to expand my active system. I never got around to pairing them before the announcement. I called IRIS customer service before processing a refund and explained that I have additional devices I would like to claim a refund for and they instructed me to do the following:

*Pair all the new devices that I had in my possession.
*Call customer service to confirm that they can see the newly paired devices on their end. They'll note that you're expecting a refund for newly paired devices.
*Process the refund via the link provided. (Note: This will NOT include newly paired devices)
*Call customer service to have them process an additional refund for newly paired devices.

I now have 2 refunds that were processed by Lowes which was very helpful throughout the process. They could not confirm if I would receive the refund in 1 gift card or 2 but they re-assured me that I would be getting a refund for all devices (old+new).

Here's a list of the items that I received a refund for:

IRIS Gen 2 Hub
IRIS Gen 1 Key Pad
IRIS Gen 1 Key Fob
IRIS Gen 1 Smart Plug
IRIS Gen 1 Contact Sensor
IRIS Gen 1 Motion Sensor
IRIS Gen 1 Range Extender
Orbit Hose Timer

I already confirmed this in this thread

You can say that again! I got the 8 extra devices on clearance for $5 each and received a refund for their retail value. My guess is that Lowe's wants additional devices and refunds to go through their customer service department to help us be as honest as possible.

I got my first IRIS rebate card in the mail today...


Same here. My gift card arrived today.


My Iris refund arrived yesterday. Now...what new gadgets should I buy? :thinking:


Attempted delivery yesterday, signature required always screws me up. Now have to find time to go pick it up at the post office. There's a Home Depot next door, maybe I'll go spend it right away :sunglasses:


Actually bought several new replacement items thanks to the iris card. And I am happy to report that the first two arrivals were the Everspring motion sensors. They paired up to HE right away no issues. The plus is they use the same battery as iris devices..

LOL - I ordered 15 new Lutron Caseta Switches and Dimmers yesterday. My Lowes rebate covers ~2 of those... Shhhhh! Don't tell my wife! :wink:


You and @destructure00 are out of control.

Don't mind me....I'm just jealous I can't do the same right now.