Lowe's Iris is Shutting Down

It's on there as the "Samsung Button v5." Don't ask me how they calculate the version number. :joy:

If anybody has the keys to the "supported devices" list, I can supply model numbers for the IRIS v2 4 button fob which deff works: 3450-L, and the IRIS V2 plug: 3210-L. Both by CentraLite.

D'Oh. I was looking under SmartThings. Not Samsung. Gracias!

Thanks, updated...

Welp, I had ordered a hub (as my local Lowes didn't have any in-stock) brand new from eBay ($30) and got it today. Unfortunately, it looks like they've closed off all new registrations. So while it would have been great to get the $70 profit, I really bought it to get the firmware updates for my plugs.

I tried calling Iris and they said they have no way in to the system, but to possibly wait for the open source version to have new information in the next 7-10 days.

Anyone perhaps have an account that I could update my plugs with? Assuming you already cashed out and disconnected your hub. I'm literally just looking to update my 4 plugs.

Really? If that's true, I'm going to go from irritated to extremely upset with Lowes as I have about a dozen unregistered WiFi switches that were waiting for future projects that I was planning to add to my Iris account this weekend so that I can get my full refund...

Yes, they closed registrations for new hubs. You canโ€™t even call support and register in any other way, the IrisByLowes app removed it the other week. Support has specifically said the registration process is completely gone because of the March shutdown.

If you have a registered hub you should be ok

Well, it looks like the app will let me add devices, so we'll see if that works this weekend. I'll report back whether that is at least still possible.

Any one that has a registered hub is good, that isnโ€™t what was being said.

Do not add the devices, you can return them to the store for refund, if you add them then it's an used product and they will not refund at the store

The only items you get a refund is whatever was registered ( hubs and v1 items)before the email they sent, after the email if you add something it will not be refunded in the gift card.

Edit, later in the timeline

Not entirely true. I had extra v1 devices that were unpaired. I paired them after I did my refund run. Then I called them and asked if I could get a refund for the latest additions as well. It was 430 bucks worth of newly paired v1 stuff. They said they would give me $300 for it right away, as another Visa card, or I could wait for "a very long time" to get more. I opted for the $300 right away.

Why return or refund them when a lot may still work with Hubitat. One person asked about still using it for firmware updates while they could and another wanted a refund.

I said v1, those doesn't work with HE

Good to know

Yes. I bought a brand new hub for the purpose of updating. Since I never had an account, I could not create a new one and canโ€™t update anything at all.

Best bet is to hope that the open source project pans out and will allow updating.

Do you know if your firmware is really out of date or not on your devices? A lot of folks said they didnโ€™t even need to update much.

My friend gave me 3 new Iris v1 plugs, do you want them for research?

Sure.. PM me and we can work out the details.