Lowe's Iris is Shutting Down


Unless you need that contact sensor for is size, you can actually get the latest generation ST Multipurpose sensor for $20.

I have a similar, if not hopeful feeling of the same. Then again, quite often that merchandise gets purchased by companies who specialize in wholesale purchases of store returns and unwanted merchandise. These could also start to appear in bulk on eBay soon.


overstock.com here they come


Customer service told me they were going to be sending the devices back to the manufacturer


I went to my local store and thought the same when I saw no clearance prices. But then realized they are paying a premium for buybacks of products. So I would expect it all to come back 4/1 at steep discounts.


A huge thank you to @ogiewon for my $70 profit. After seeing Dans post about the clearance sale on the hub several weeks ago to update Iris firmware I bought one too. Glad I did. Finally my HA addiction is paying off. :joy:


The v3 works with Hubitat. I have a v2 and v3. V3 looks nicer but v2 works better. No delayed exit or intrusion countdown on the v3.


IIRC there are three “versions” of the iris keypad. But “V1” corresponds to most other “V2” iris devices. The V1 iris keypad was item # 3405-L, V2 was 3405-L2, but both are standard ZHA 1.2 devices and work with HE (I have one of each). I believe the V3 iris keypad isn’t yet fully supported in HE, as @Ryan780 has described.


V1 is this keypad



Thats actually not correct. V1 refers to the Iris/AlertMe keypad, which has a model # of KDP901.

There have been 3 versions of the keypad for the Iris V2 platform. Confusing I know.


Aha, there was one before the one I thought was v1. Thanks for clarifying.


The v2 Iris products had a refresh late in their lifecycle that generally changed the model numbers from ending in "L" to "L2," but I'm not sure if anyone has figured out whether any of the internals changed or if it was just the packaging. This occurred shortly before what people (or just me?) seem to call the "v3" Iris devices (like the last motion sensor, CR123A battery and a bit bigger than the v2), which are also manufactured by iMagic (whoever they are) and not CentraLite--and seem to have suffered from an even shorter product lifetime.


The V3 is fully supported but the features of the keypad aren't the same as the v2. namely the silent delayed exit countdown.


Given my dev iris hub will be a brick in a month I joined the v3 keypad to it so i can see what noises it makes over there, I'll see if I can sniff out any new sound config packets....


While you are at it. see if you can figure out how Iris manages to pair both the Z-Wave and Zigbee modules together. My theory is that there must be a command to a manufacturer specific cluster that puts the z-wave radio into inclusion.

I took a crack at that last weekend, but couldn't identify anything that I could successfully replicate.


Maybe I should grab some more keypad? But apparently ST is working on some outdoor keypads


Can anyone here explain me why they still sending messages to subscribe to their plan?


Just more of their continued incompetence....


All, I'm looking for a replacement for my IRIS v1 buttons. I almost dropped a smart things button into my cart, when I thought I'd better check the "supported devices" list. Ooops. It's not on there?! List of Supported Devices - Hubitat Documentation It seems like all other Smart Things are on the list... is this an oversight or is it truly not supported?

Also, it sure would be great if model numbers for more devices were included on that list... especially IRIS since there are so many of us wondering what to keep.


which one?, AFAIK there's only the one button that SmartThings made, which we already support.


Yeah, I was just fetching the model #. It's GP-U999SJVLEAA
But it's not on the supported list.