Lowe's Iris is Shutting Down


I have 3 of the v2 keypads and they all work great with HSM (Hubitat Safety Monitor).


I still have to go through the checkout process to see what they will refund.


Hmm, so I picked up an iris hub several weeks ago with the intention of doing some device firmware updates. But I haven’t had a chance to actually do it yet. I wonder if the iris system will let me register the new hub if the cloud is still operational til March 31st.


You should be able to. You won't be able to get any money out of Lowe's for it though. It appears that they took a snapshot of everyones system and whatever was connected at that time is all that's eligible.


I saw a note about that as well. They captured my hub in their snapshot but my hub hadn't been plugged in for at least 9 months or longer. So if anyone has a hub that was ever registered before, you should at least try.


Dumpster dive time ?


Pretty sure they will. Others have them paired


I believe he is referring to the original, 1st gen, Iris contact sensors that are not using standard Zigbee HA 1.2. No one has ever gotten those sensors to work with SmartThings or Hubitat.


Gotcha. Wasn't aware of the difference



This you read this interesting info?


They are the original, everything I have is 1st gen except the hub, which they gave me when they retired the 1st gen hub. Its a modest system, and won't be that expensive to replace.

Are there any recommended keypads that anyone is using?


My local store last night. I find it odd that they pulled product but not the signage.

Then again, I guess I am not surprised. Lowe's could never seem to market Iris properly, even in their own stores.


I've been following them since last summer. Personally, I think it's a non-starter for many reasons..

  • The beta was supposed to begin in January. It hasn't and the company has not yet announced a date.

  • They stated yesterday that they were going to begin by supporting V1/AlertMe devices at the start, HA1.2 and Z-Wave would follow.

  • Their recommended hardware is very expensive compared to a ST or HE hub.

  • The user has to source their own harware (right now) by purchasing the individual pieces. That requirement is the polar opposite of everything that Iris stood for.

  • Lowe's is paying off for all v1 devices at nearly full retail. That incentivises people to move platforms quickly... Except they don't have one yet.

  • Most customers will choose a well known solution over a startup who is already behind schedule on their beta program.

They should have honestly put their focus on creating a V1/AlertMe bridge to other HA platforms. Imagine having a bridge service running on a Pi and buying a bunch of $8 eBay SmartPlugs, keypads, etc.

That's where they should have put their efforts... IMO


Ok, but about the EM3587 MSP and HA, is not possible with the Nortek stick? I see they "support" Xiaomi too. Thanks


The Iris hub uses one Zigbee module for both legacy and HA1.2 devices. The older AlertMe/V1 devices have a different cluster and attribute structure from HA1.2. They use a unique cluster ID. However as with HA1.2 devices they still send match descriptor requests for example, so it is possible to have a stack support both.

I can’t say if you can make the needed changes to the Nortek stick (I think you can) but it is possible to set up a Xbee to communicate with V1 devices. I personally haven’t done it but I would love to develop a bridge to Hubitat if someone wanted to donate their V1 devices.


I knew you will like to do it, that's why I asked lol, too bad I don't have v1, I think I have a friend with a bunch of v1 plugs, I will ask him. Thanks


I had a lot of them at one time, but sold them all when I moved to ST. Somewhere I have a couple care pendants in a box somewhere. I'll have to find them.


I talk to my friend and he sold the plugs months ago... I tried. Thanks.


Looks like Amazon is still showing these for sale by Iris. Now to find out if they will actually ship.


I have a suspicion that sometime in April, all the sensors they've been pulling from the shelves will show up in the bargain bin...
I mean, what the heck else are they going to do with them...