Lowe's Iris is Shutting Down

Last night I showed my wife the 5 Lutron Caseta dimmers, 1 switch, and 5 picos I installed yesterday. I expected a question about how much I had spent. She asked "When are you going to have the rest of them done?". YESSSSS!


I’m one of those but looking through this lounge I found enough info to get my lights and thermostat working for those others that will be doing the same you will need to get the hub within 10 ft to pair your items I just made up 75 ft Ethernet cord and a long extension cord and went to each item I was pairing and it worked great

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This is not 100% true for every device. Only some devices have issues pairing at certain distances or through repeaters.

Ok I’ll give you that l have the ge light switches and iris 101 thermostat and this is the only way the would work did a hard reset after removing them from the iris hub the rest light switches by pull plastic tab at bottom of switches the ten toggles up therm pulled top cover and did hard reset then followed manufacturers on thermostat procedures to pair it up . Just trying to help others

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I get you, but being specific would help more. Last thing that anyone needs is to read that and think they have to walk around their house with a long ethernet cable and extension cord to add ALL their devices.

People in general can have “selective reading” as much as listening sometimes. :smile:

I have not found this necessary except for the Schlage lock. I believe that is because the lock uses "whisper mode" as a security measure - when it pairs it deliberately uses low power so it makes it harder to sniff the transaction.

Many of my devices were installed (door and window sensors) when I had SmartThings. I did not attempt to physically remove them or move the hub around when I excluded them from SmartThings and then paired them with Hubitat. I did put the hub on a long cord so I could get it within about 10 feet of the Schlage lock to get that to pair.

I did make sure to install a couple of Zigbee repeater devices (SmartThings outlets) and a couple of Z-Wave repeater devices (Zooz Zen06 outlets) on each floor as the first devices installed on the Hubitat hub before I started trying to transition the other devices over.

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With the exception of locks, devices you should pair in place. If you cant pair them in place, good change they aren't going to work in place.


Also some of us (former ST user here) are having an excellent experience using multiple hubs - in my case 2 (have a 3rd one for development/experimentation purposes!) - one in the basement and one on our 2nd floor. Depends on the size/layout/makeup of your house of course.

Just something to think about if devices end up being spread to far apart or you experience sporadic issues.

About the only issue I had under iris was a z-wave switch out in a workshop. Basically metal siding blocks most every signal. Zigbee, no issues. So while a repeater helps, pairing a light switch is a little different. However rather than a long Ethernet cable, I found that Ethernet over powerline adapters work well. They just have to be on the same side of the panel to carry the signal.

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I've used powerline adapters as well. Was originally using them for wired backhaul on my old EERO mesh wifi system. Then for my office before I added ethernet. Great solution!

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Definitely beats trying to drill holes and string cable in ungodly places so it looks nice for a couple hundred feet just for one device.