Lowe’s Clearance Sale including some Iris devices


I have Google wifi 3 pack already lol, that's why I said I have no idea what to do with them.


Christmas is coming. :gift:


Interesting I looked in breekseek for that zip and saw same price as my local stores. I may have to visit a store or two to see if they are discounted. I have a v1 Rachio and love it but would upgrade for that price.

Iris Motion Sensors 3326-L2 $14.99 @ Lowes

Yup I will probably check another store in my travels.


My store is showing more devices on clearance again.


What are you using to discover this?


I opened my Lowes website and searched for iris.


Looks like the '-L2' Iris Motion ($15) and Contact Sensors ($10) are the ones being cleared out.


Anyone have experience with the Iris motion sensors? Do they also read temp or lux?


Temp + motion + battery

Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor driver displays:

Current States

battery : 100
motion : inactive
temperature : 69.99


If anyone missed out on this deal in their neighborhood---I managed to pick a few of each up. I'd be more than happy to let them go at-cost + shipping for anyone interested. I'll even break down the boxes and wrap the individual sensors up to save on shipping cost :slight_smile:


You don't have to go in store to get them for $15. There are none in my area so I just ordered 2 online. $14.99 each plus $6 shipping (and tax too).


Nice—I wasn't aware of that. The prices online in ND and in store don't often match up, so it's nice to know that I can order online if I see something. :cowboy_hat_face:


Ugh. I don't need more motion sensors, but for $15 I had to get at least one of the v2 (or 2.1?) sensors before they're all out. The v3 hasn't earned my trust yet. :slight_smile:

Free shipping with MyLowe's, BTW (which is also free). Their online inventory doesn't match up (see: last year's Lightify clearance), but we'll see what happens with my order.


The v3 works just fine, the question is if they last, in other words, how good is the manufacturers process


Yesterday I got 5 contacts for a friend in my nearest store, they had them in stock and they called me to pick them up, first time this happens.


What difference, other than cosmetic, is there between the motion v2 and v3?


It's a totally different manufacturer. The v2 sensors were made by CentraLite. The new ones are made by the obviously equally well-known company "iMagic by Great Star." :laughing: There are also additional non-cosmetic differences, including a larger battery (CR123A vs. CR2) and range/field-of-view differences I summarized in another post in this thread: New Iris Motion Sensor? Version / Generation 3?

Everyone I've seen say anything about them so far has said they work well, though they haven't been out long enough to gauge long-term reliability.


Agree with your thinking on this. The V2 Iris motion comes pretty close to being my ideal Zigbee device (random QC duds aside) given its tiny footprint, great overall performance and ability to go more than a year between battery changes when (ab)used outdoors. I was so in love with it I ran out to buy a couple more when I saw that its replacement had been introduced.... exactly the day before the 50% price drop. Glad Lowe's didn't give me a hassle when I took them up on their 30 price protection policy.


I went to 2 local Lowes today to look for the motion sensor. The first one was supposed to have 4, but after a quick search and finding nothing, they decided they were stolen. They did have the Orbit smart hose timer on clearance for $28. I asked for a discount, and they sold me 2 for $28. The next Lowes was supposed to have 1 motion sensor, but there was none. They did have Lutron wall mount Picos on 90% clearance, from $23.95 each, now $2.39 each. I bought the whole box of 5 ($13 with tax).

No motion sensors, but I got some other good deals.