Lowe’s Clearance Sale including some Iris devices


Impressive discount on the wall-mount kit! (That's obviously super cheap even for just the included remote, to say nothing of the bracket and wall plate.)

I never made it to Lowe's (might if they still show on-sale inventory this week), but I did try to order a $15 motion sensor online. I got an e-mail staying that my merchandise was delayed and to contact them if I want to keep it, which I did. We'll see how this plays out--hopefully better than last year around this time when I tried the same with the Osram/Lightify products and this went on for weeks before they finally decided to cancel the order (though for the bulbs and anything besides the dimmer/remote, I'd consider that a blessing in disguise :slight_smile: ).


Picked up a bunch of the Iris sensors. Man these Iris Motions are very sensitive. I had one at the top of my stairs way up in the corner and it still detected motion as I walked by the bottom, I was not even on the bottom stair!

The problem I have now is its too sensitive that I could not find a place to put it to get the stairs but not detect motion when someone walked by them at the bottom.

Also I did notice that all the sensors that I opened were all "L" not "L2"


Have you tried the tape trick? I've heard some success stories of blocking part of the sensor to make it less sensitive...


Ill have to try it out thanks.

I have to say though I do like how small these sensors are.


Mike mentions a tube.


I got the same initial email and replied letting them know I still wanted my order. Just got an email now saying they would never be in stock again so my order was cancelled.



The tape trick works...trust me! I got tired of the cats setting off the motion sensors when they got wound up at night so I taped off the bottom half of the domes and no more hall lights on/off/on/off.


I still have to do more testing but what I found for some reason was either the sensor picked up when I walked past the stairs at the bottom or when I added some tape it didn't pick up until basically I was at the top stair. So it was either too much or not enough. I may just need to cut the tape at a specific angle to get it to work right.


I haven’t done this for any of my indoor motion sensors, but I have a Blink XT camera outside with a PIR motion sensor that got a lot of false alerts until I covered part of the sensor with electrical tape. It took quite a bit of trial and error before it was working how I wanted, so I’d suggest just keep trying.


I was in a local store this morning and they had the $115 Iris Automation pack on clearance for $15:

I found it in the Iris section. I stopped by another store and the price was $115 so this could be a store by store clearance. Worth checking though!


Wow, thanks


Lowe’s Is Dumping Its Iris Smarthome Platform


Other articles have more details, including saying that they're trying to find a buyer rather than just shut it down (not explicitly stated in that article but easily implied if it's all you've read), for example: Lowe's will seek a buyer for its Iris smart home business - Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis (there's also a WSJ article rather than a random blog that says this too, but I can't read the whole thing since I don't subscribe). That would be great news (assuming the buyer keeps selling the devices--or that Lowe's themselves does as the blog post suggests), since their devices are pretty great.

But I imagine the current sales/clearance prices have more to do with the fact that they just introduced new ZigBee 3.0 devices made by iMagic to replace the "Iris v2" ZHA 1.2 devices that were made by CentraLite.


These went off sale over the weekend - but they're back on now. So are the contact sensors -- hope they work OK. I bought all my local Lowes had in stock of each!


Yup, v2 motion:

The zigbee plugs look they are on sale now too


They have to find a buyer for the business because Iris sells subscription plans with contracts. So, if they don't find someone to buy it and continue to provide that service then Lowes is looking at a HUGE pay-out to their subscription customers.


Found 6 more of the v2 motions at a Lowe's by my work. Don't tell my wife :rofl:


You sir, are obsessed.

And I completely understand...just leave a few for the rest us.


Someone please buy these before I spend more money. Only $17.99


I have 6 of these and they are super reliable but just a little too big compare to the Iris sensor. I would take the Iris over Peq with the same price.