Lowe’s Clearance Sale including some Iris devices

I was in Lowes during lunch today and they are having a huge store clearance sale for all departments. My local store had tables setup all over the store. I scored an Iris smart power outlet for $9.50. There was also an Iris combo pack that I didn’t need and some older non-ST compatible motions.

Regardless its worth checking with your local stores because there are all kinds of deals on many different products ST and household related.


Damn you!!.. My Lowes has them on clearance too.. Gonna make me spend money..

Found some 3315-L leak sensors for $9.75 each. Thanks @ritchierich!

I got 6 smart plugs $60 with tax, thanks @ritchierich

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bought 8 smart plug for $9.95 each :slight_smile: damn you!!! i got these all over the house already with nothing plugs into them.

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I will repeat the sentiment... damn you!
2 water leak and 2 motion sensors for 50.
Didn't even really need the motion sensors.

Ugh, three motion sensors for $22.00 (Don't need them either) LOL

That was expensive, I got 5 motions 3326-L for $25 with tax

All the excitement of getting them, i forgot about the $10 of $50 coupon.

Alaska premium, I guess

Hmm, Lowe's App no longer shows the sale prices, wonder if someone goofed? It changed as I was searching other locations near by for additional sensors.

Alaska, ok, the price was fine!

Still on sale in NC. Stores have clearance tables with them.

Still on sale here. 2 motions sensors, one outlet, 2 flood sensors. Didn’t even need them but I might someday

Can't really say i'll have mesh problem anymore with these plugs at every 8 feet apart for the entire house.


Yup should have stayed away from the store.
Found this while picking up my order

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People, you need to stop, I just got that valve too, your fault...

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Just picked up 4 plugs, 2 leak sensors, 6 door sensors, and 2 key fobs for $80. I used a $20 off $100 coupon. Figured I can return what I do not use.

or sell it to other members to help them out since they couldn't score any. :slight_smile:

Yeah if I do not use them I would sell them also. I was going to pickup the motion sensors too but for some reason the same store had everything but those on sale and I am not driving 50 miles to get them from a different store.

Edit: Anyone know if the plugs support energy monitoring?