Lowe’s Clearance Sale including some Iris devices


Yes, I believe they do support energy monitoring. They are also Zigbee AND Z-Wave repeaters. They control via Zigbee...

You have to pair the Z-Wave repeater separately which can be a little tricky. I don't recall the details of how to put the Z-Wave repeater into pairing mode...


Well that is interesting, do you know if the Z-Wave repeater is Z-Wave plus?


It appears to be Z-Wave Plus!


Nice! Even better.


:astonished: Waxman charges $300 for that valve in Canada. It's a very good product and was a bargain at $159. The new version is exactly the same, just a different appearance. No firmware changes for the valve have occurred.

The lack of Iris product (never came to Lowes Canada) is killing me at these prices you guys are posting. I gotta stop looking at this thread! :frowning_face:


I can also confirm this as there is a Zwave Plus logo on the back of the plugs. But to be honest I am not sure how well the repeaters work. They will pair to HE but just as a standard device. I primarily use them to expand zigbee mesh.


Maybe you need to make a roadtrip to your closest border town Lowes! Duty won't be that much given prices. :wink:


That is a crazy good deal on a lock. If I didn't go through my garage and actually used my front door I would get one.



LOL. It's a thought. Buffalo is just 2 hours from here, but by the time I got an opportunity to drive there, I'm imagining it would be picked clean. I actually already have one of those valves. Review unit I didn't pay for anyway. While I like the Centralite products, I'm actually one of those that is having no issues with Xiaomi and they're reasonably priced. Just less instant satisfaction. I'm sure there will be more gutting of consumer products from another vendor I'll get a chance to pick the bones of. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What was the crazy good deal just out of curiosity? I see $179 US when I click on it and that isn't a crazy good deal here. Wonder why Kwikset would be discounted? Nothing to do with Iris alone.



Oh man! I'd love to be able to replace the Okidokeys on my backdoor with a sweat deal like that. Okidokeys never got remote access before they were bought by Somfy and the US/CAN version was dumped. I'm only able to keep it alive by using the German app for it. :joy:


I would get one for my back door but we have the Anderson French doors for the back that have that proprietary locking system. Its still tempting for the front door at that price, but I use the front door so seldom that I really cant justify spending the money.


Yeah, it's true. We use the front door exclusively for entry and only use the Okidokeys on the back if I forget to change that batteries in our August lock on the front (I'm using rechargeables as not recommended, so battery indication is sketchy). Still, would be nice to have the back auto lock when we set Armed-Home or Armed-Away.


The Springville, NY store has a satin nickel in stock for $44.75. You can always order online for store pickup and then also purchase smart outlets and motions that are also in stock. :wink:


I am really tempted to buy the lock, even the wife was on board. I hate to buy something just for a good deal for occasional use.


Found some UtiliTech Water Leak Sensors for $7.95 each while I was at the store to pick up the plugs :slight_smile:


Good deal! I gave in and just bought the lock.


Just picked up 5 contact sensors for $25.

Not to start a new problem for spontaneous buyers, but Lowe's is also selling the top of the line Chamberlain B980 Garage Door Opener for $87. Regular price is $348!

It's no longer listed on their site but you can use the following link to check for availability and pricing in your area.


Please don't hate me for sharing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks a lot Mark! Now I have to build a garage. :grimacing: