Lowe’s Clearance Sale including some Iris devices


Well done!


Fortunately all Lowes "near"(10) me are out of stock of everything.... my friend and I went to all, just dust available haha


Weekend road trip!! :joy:


This thread is dangerous to my wallet hah. I always wanted to automate my Garage doors but couldn't justify spending the money just for that. At least now I get a new opener that is much quieter, has a battery backup and has the connectivity for basically the same price as just the MyQ. I ended up finding a store in a different state that had them and had them ship the openers to my home. I even used a $20 off coupon which basically paid for the shipping.


And an electronic deadbolt!


Even better!

My opener was 15 years old anyways.


So this showed up on my lowes site last night. At the price I just could not resist...


The Utilitech Siren is on clearance for $8.75:

Here is a ported driver for it as well:


Where do you all see these great prices? I downloaded the Lowe’s app but the prices are retail. :thinking:


On the website, but depends the store, I visited about 6 stores, I still watching one store with 18 plugs but they are not on the floor, the employees have them hidden... sale ends 10/10


Markdowns can vary pretty widely from store to store.

Try checking brickseek.com with the item # and your zip code. I can’t say for sure how accurate the listed prices at each store are, I haven’t used the site much myself. But it usually comes up in discussions on Lowe’s sales in the ST forum.


Oh my gosh! Thank you! My app said there were two in stock, but they weren't on the shelf. One of the employees found one in a crate that was going to be shipped to another store, which was an incredible customer service experience.


Ha !
I’m sick of hearing about these ‘specials’
They make me so envious.
Has me weighing up the 13 hr flight from Sydney and the 2 hour queue at US passport control (because the machines never work) etc. :stuck_out_tongue::grinning::joy:


@njanda If you see any deals in Bismarck that you’re interested in... I DO make a lot of trips to the post office... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was tempted today to return to ST, I saw this:

Found it on sale in $99, paid $25 !!!

But no, I'm not returning to ST, honestly I don't know what to do with this hahaha


Haha dang Lowe’s is dangerous. I already had a rachio but found 2 of these there. Yup I bought them


This is insane. I would install a sprinkler system for that price! :smile:

So Lowe's is obviously getting out of Smart Home at those discounts.


Wow normal price by me. What’s your zip code?


Well it's whole home WiFi, so if you don't have that already, maybe it's a decent mesh network.


Normal price in my town as well. Picked these up in 78412