Lowe’s Clearance Sale including some Iris devices


Good thing there none in stock in my Lowes. I have exceeded my Lowes trips for today but Theres one in stock 1.5 hrs away.. Hmmmm


Well, yesterday I got 3 Iris motion sensors and 3 outlets. I ordered them on line and when I picked them up, the motion sensors had all been opened. The clerk said they were the last 3 in the store but she checked them and appeared to be OK. Dumb me, I didn't look inside. I got home and all 3 boxes were empty! The same clerk was there when I went back, Her face was red, because I caught her in a lie. I did get my refund and the outlets were all OK, unopened.


I recently ordered 5 GE switches, got 4 and an empty box. Called them and they sent a replacement the next day.


They probably had the new model (same device in new packaging) and you probably could gave gotten them at the sale price.

I got moisture sensors, outlets and motion sensors. When I got to the store the motion sensor order had been cancelled because the associate couldn't find any in the store. I went to the smart home section and picked up the "new" model and feigned ignorance. They both have the same model number but a different sku. Guess what...they offered to give them at the sale price.

Solution: Feign ignorance and disappointment for wasting a trip to the store. Be nice about it. Get great customer service and a steal of a deal. :smile:


Your fault, I had to go back for the 4th time to Lowes and get 3 of this....


Ugh, I’ve been looking for an excuse to replace my super loud opener.


I've lost track. Who are we blaming for this again? :grinning:


At this point I’m not sure who we are blaming. I need stuff to install the Leaksmart valve but I don’t wanna go back to Lowe’s for fear of buying more things....


Haha, the same issue I have, I will get bankrupt


just bought 8 more plugs at a "nearby" lowes for $66


It's definitely time for any therapists on this forum to get involved, we need an intervention!


Yeah I may or may have not checked the store that was supposed to have the garage door opener in stock. Unfortunately or Fortunately they didn’t have one.


I think we should see who will admit the farthest they've travelled to snag some of these deals!


Hmmmm I’m a field Service tech in Texas and today’s trip to work in a different town was only about 90 miles one way. Just so happened they had a Lowe’s.


Anyone out there wind up with extra motion or contact sensors? I would be willing to take a few off your hands. My stores did not have either of these :frowning:


I have found a few local stores with them in stock but Brickseek is way off as they are still selling them for full price. Bummer as that would have been an incredible deal.


Did you try actually having them "ring-up" the item? None of the stores where I or my friends have purchased them had the "listed" at anything less than $348. But when they scanned them at the register it came up $87.


No I called a few stores and they were checking inventory on their computers and the price there was $348.


If brick seeker shows the item at $87 and the store is a reasonable distance from you, go there and see what happens when you try to ring it up. Again, my luck has been 100% so far with this item. Although it is strange that different store locations had different pricing varying from 87 to 348.


Score! Got my dad to get one at his local Lowe’s with his military discount for $83.59! Thank you for posting this.