Low power device to display hubitat dashboard with just a few controls

looking for a low power consumption display device, maybe battery operated, even with B&W lcd display to show a hubitat dashboard. I don't want anything heavyweight like android or ios. I need a control panel for my thermostat to show current temp and a few buttons. Any ideas?

You didn't say if you wanted battery or line powered, and I'm not sure what region you're in, but the Sonoff NSpanel could be an option. It can be flashed with ESPhome and I would like to see it be more integrated into hubitat landscapes.

well, I'm so much in solar so either line powered with AC adaptor or battery powered would work. I will make it run via renewable. Thanks for the hint, I check the sonoff. though not a big fan of sonoff devices because the relays I had was made of very poor materials and I have no trust in them. I'm in europe, Ireland.

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You can root a kindle paper white, it is still android but super low power usage. Add fully kiosk browser and you should be good to go with any web based dashboard.


I'm using a vintage (2015) 7" Fire tablet with fully kiosk on usb power. Works well, but I like the paper white idea better.

Sort of related, this is an interesting project:

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Not a dashboard per se but definitely ticks most of the boxes:
Virtual Keypad

I like this. unfortunate that epaper is not in mainstream , its like orphan child but it has a lots of benefits. - also probably that's why its still super expensive. I was thinking about repurposing an old kindle for an epaper display. there are projects on hackaday for example.

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