Looks like Inovelli is close on releasing their new switches

@oscopeaaron The notifications feature only supports one at a time. We wanted to have the feature be useful, but also simple. Having said that, you can automate them any way you like. So you could have an automation that checks something every few minutes and then enables the notification. For example, check to see if the garage door is open and hub safety monitor is in an armed state. If they are true then flash the LED blue for 10 seconds (for the garage) and then have the LED turn red indefinitely (for the armed state). This could repeat every x minutes.

With the flexibility of Hubitat, there is a lot you can do.


@ericm I have been playing around the notification. It seems that setting a second alert cancels the first alert. I can understand trying to keep it simple although for a lot of application have first in / last out would be sufficient.

That being said the switch works great and the driver seems to work fine also. Can't wait to try the dimmer because I have a location without a neutral wire.

I got two one doa on the first order. They were replaced. Now the one in the kitchen is turning itself off again. And another in the garage completely died I can't even manually turn the switch off.

Hey @tonsofguns - sorry about that. Shoot me a PM and I'll make sure you're taken care of.

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Congrats on launch guys, working with a new external vendor and getting a product out for the first time is always a challenge! I work in consumer product development, so I know how things can get. Patiently waiting on those dimmers!

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(removed- Found my answer)

I just bought a couple the Gen 2 RED switches with scene and notifications. How do you:

  1. trigger on double press up/down
  2. trigger on triple press up/down
  3. set the notification LED scheme?


  • Tap UP 1x = Button 1 PUSHED
  • Tap DOWN 1x = Button 1 HELD
  • Tap UP 2x = Button 2 PUSHED
  • Tap DOWN 2x = Button 2 HELD
  • Tap UP 3x = Button 3 PUSHED
  • Tap DOWN 3x = Button 3 HELD
  • Tap UP 4x = Button 4 PUSHED
  • Tap DOWN 4x = Button 4 HELD
  • Tap UP 5x = Button 5 PUSHED
  • Tap DOWN 5x = Button 5 HELD
  • Hold UP 3 Seconds = Button 6 PUSHED
  • Hold DOWN 3 Seconds = Button 6 HELD
  • Tap the Config/Favorite Button 1x = Button 7 PUSHED
  1. Using the above info, to trigger on a double press up, in RM you would select your button device (the switch), and then select button 2- pushed. Double press down would be button 2-held.

  2. Three taps up is translated for RM to Button 3-pushed, three taps down is Button #- held.

  3. Make sure you have both drivers for this switch installed. Your LED notifications are set up in the device's preferences.

    Once you finish setting them up and click Save Preferences, switch child devices will be created that you can turn on/off in your rules.

Welcome to the community!

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No way in haties I could get my wife to use a multi function switch. She gets so pissed off at Alexa, she says screw it and walks away


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damn, you yanks get all the cool things.
Those switches look great

My wife got used to the single, double and triple taps. I use the the 5 taps to set a global variable to enable / disabled programmed events that set lighting in the room. I great trick to play is to disable the interaction with the switch to actually turn on the load and forget to put in the even processing to turn on the lights :slight_smile:


And that was what I thought too. I also used to scoff at the idea of having colored LEDs on a switch. But after getting this switch on a whim, I've found the multi-functions to be quite handy. Mine is in the foyer next to the front door. It controls the on and off of the foyer fixture. two taps up locks the door quickly. Two taps down unlocks. Press and hold automatically locks the door five second after I leave. The LED lets me know if the door is locked or unlocked at a glance and if there is motion outside the door. The possibilities are endless, and at a price slightly less than than a Jasco product with fewer features.

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Ah, so I am not the only one to witness Alexa being told to f*off. I occasionally go through the recording history in the app to play some back for her when she denies having ever done it. Quite entertaining.

Inovelli has their switches (On/Off) on sale for another day or so on their website and on amazon. $25/$30 depending on which you prefer.

LOL, my wife was complaining about her the other day, said she wasn't listening... I pulled up the log and asked, did you say "alexa hot water please?"... no, well that is exactly what she heard, the command is alexa, turn on the hot water. She replied, I was trying to be polite

I think she was even more surprised that there is a log of the interactions :slight_smile:


@Eric_Inovelli: just picked up a couple of the Black model switches. I don't have any of the older switches to compare with, so bear with me. Did the smaller depth you discussed a while back not make it into the final design? These seem pretty much the same depth as the Zooz and Honeywell switches I have. I also got one of the new GE switches and it's significantly (around 4mm) lower profile. They also don't have side tabs which is another bonus. Anyway just wondering as the boxes in my house are always a challenge to fit smart switches into. Other than that they look like very nice switches. Now I just need to install them!

As for the tabs, Per the Inovelli Manual:

Thanks, I actually saw that. But my comment is still valid as with the GE there's nothing you have to remove so it saves time and effort. For a simple on/off switch ease of installation is one of the bigger differentiating factors. Not meant as a gripe, just product feedback.

Fair comment. And it would be worth them considering for a future rev.

But, just think of the 5s it takes to remove the tabs as a small price to pay for the lower cost and higher functionality device...


And having these for a few+ weeks now, without hesitation, I would go this route.