Looks like Inovelli is close on releasing their new switches


He replied on ST forum below.

Hey thanks for the tag @JDRoberts!

Yeah @prjct92eh2 idk how you found it, but you tweeted our FCC listing. I was legit impressed lol! I didn’t realize how much info the FCC gave out, made for an exciting ongoing conversation with our competitors!

So, good news is that these switches are enroute from the manufacturer and should be ready on Amazon within 7-10 days – pre-orders should get a confirmation by Monday at the latest.

We’re all super excited – it’s nice to see these bad boys come to fruition!



I had another fail this week in the garage. Two in the kitchen started acting up tonight. Can't say I'll be trying the new release.


@tonsofguns Can you tell me what yours did when the failed? Zwave issues or switch issues?


I think Inovelli may have shipped something. I have a package coming from Kalamazoo according to USPS informed delivery that was shipped the 10th and will arrive tomorrow.


Most likely, as I received an email stating my order was completed last night. I confirmed it's only the On/Off for now.


I got that email also. Looks like this is the driver:


It's real


Is this the no neutral dimmer (I hope)


No the switch ended up shipping first.


@oscopeaaron you must be in Australia :smiley::smiley:


I see what you did there.


Haha...no I'm protesting the lack of the mitten in their new packaging.



Seems to be a nice device. I have the switch disabled and use the tap up and down with Button Controller to do different things. The notification part is nice. I have it blink red when the garage is open.

@ericm How does the switch prioritise notifications?

Also I saw that Crain's had an article earlier this year on Inovelli



I converted most of my switches and dimmers to Lutron Caseta but with this notification part of the Inovelli.... :sob:


I prefer Zigbee switches but these Inovelli switches are nice.


Are there any besides the GE/Jasco? They aren't bad, but they're not cheap and pretty feature-poor compared to most Z-Wave switches these days, especially the new Inovelli ones. If there was a Zigbee one like the Inovelli, HomeSeer, or Zooz scene switches, that would be awesome.


Glad inovelli has shipped something at least. That's a positive step in the right direction!


Leviton makes some dimmers and a switch. They aren't labeled as Zigbee but LuminaRF. They work with Hubitat, they have a few more features than the Jasco ones but nothing like the Inovelli.


Now being sold on Amazon (US).


The built-in functionality for smartbulbs is a nice touch.