Looks like Inovelli is close on releasing their new switches


This was posted on YouTube today. Can't wait to try out the new 3-way / 4-way options:


Too bad they're already out of stock on Inovelli.com.


The pre-orders sold the initial shipment of the switch out from what I understood.


In a post here not too long ago, they said they stopped pre-orders to give their manufacturer an idea of how many they'd need to mass-produce. They'll probably open up soon once production ramps up after the pre-orders.


In other words, you can't buy them and they don't know when you'll be able to again.


A lot like their last generation of devices. :smile:

I know manufacturing will catch up eventually. Or rather I hope it does.

In my book it is still vapor ware, though, until a normal consumer can order it from their store with it in stock and get it in a week.


EXACTLY! The main reason why I did NOT sign up for the pre-order. If I'd had to wait 5 months longer than planned I would have been PISSED!!! This is also why i don't do Indiegogo or Kickstarter either. :wink:


Ditto. I'll happily be a customer when there is an actual product to buy - not before.


I'm still waiting for the first gen switches to be officially integrated in HE...

Based on having issues with the hub and having to disable drivers that aren't built in. I'm sticking to only built in devices at this point.


...or you could just get HomeSeer 200+ series now instead of awaiting the vapor to congeal, which have scene capability and far more led configurations (if you're into that). Their companion switch is dumb, which I prefer, like the Inovelli.


I am using the current Inovelli drivers and they work fine. One advantaged of not having them baked in to the firmware I was able to do some minor customization with logging of certain events. but to each their own.


That was one nice thing on ST that most of the integrated drivers code was available as templates so you could customize things if you wanted something changed, of course Hubitat support is much more responsive to change requests than ST ever was so not a huge loss most of the time.


I have one of these pre-ordered as a possible test replacement for Caseta. I'm not entirely sold, but I figured I'd try it.

(I keep having Casetas die. They start flickering and then eventually stop working. I've replaced 3 now. I feel I should get more than 4 years (my god has it been that long since I started with Wink?) from a $60 switch.


Not for me currently. I'm still seeing multiple On/Off events for a single event. I see how having the ability to have a custom driver is nice for those that need them (I still use them for my GE motion switches even though they are built in) but when you are having issues with built in HE code or apps....using a custom driver isn't supported. SO there is no way to find out where the issues with with say a Motion Lighting routine. So once these are baked in...at least I'd have the built in driver to do testing with.



Looks like those drivers are built in too and support the LEDs....nice.


I had this happen with a GE motion switch and a rule for motion lighting. Turns out that I had selected the switch as a trigger (changed), and it was flooding my logs. I removed the switch as a trigger in the RM4 rule and only used motion sensors and it is working well, using built in HE driver.


Thanks, unfortunately that is in Motion Lighting. However I hear there may be an update coming so that Motion Lighting is aware if the switch get's turned off by something other than itself (it doesn't know that now, which prevents it from turning the light back on). Then I won't have to use the switch as a "switch to turn off lights" in ML. However....other switches I use in this way don't exhibit this behavior...so something with the driver.


that would be good. I moved away from Simple Lighting and Motion Lighting apps, as I struggled to get them to do what I needed (some options just aren't there for modes and such). I figured out how to accomplish what I needed in RM, and all seems to work. Have you tried using RM instead to see if the issues go away? I know my GE motion switches (well all my GE Z-wave plus switches) are a little odd at times, but I have not had any more issues with flooded logs.


Motion Lighting has gotten a lot better in the last 6 months. I use it for 90% of my motion lighting rules. OTHER than the Inovelli switches it's working great...including using it with my GE motion dimmers/switches (which I love).

Thanks for the input though! I've been switching out the Inovelli's with Caseta's...I'm liking them much better. So if you are looking for some Inovelli's...I know a guy. :slight_smile:


There's a post on Reddit from the Inovelli CEO that says the switches should be available on Amazon towards the middle of this month. The ones they sold out of on their website will be shipped directly from Inovelli in Michigan.

I have an alert setup to grab one when the show up on Amazon. I like the one I have now but shortly after I got it this whole manufacturer shenanigans started.

Inovelli also has a z-wave fan controller coming that's similar to the Hampton Bay Wink one. That's looking like it should ship before Christmas which I'm excited about!