Looking to go fully local with my cameras (currently I have ring)

What does everyone recommend? Need something that's wifi and has good motion detection.

I'm not using cameras myself, but literally just finished watching Paul Hibbett compare eufy to ring on Youtube. Might be worth a look.


Thank you, I will :slight_smile:

If you didn't have the WiFi requirement, I was just about to type a suggestion for Ubiquiti. Bummer.

You might dig in the threads here for BlueIris. There may be some good camera tips in those threads.


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Been looking hard at these.


Records to SD with cloud backup optional. PTZ on battery and some other neat features. I wish it would record to NVR or NAS as other models do.

EDIT: Not sure if any Hubitat integration ability.

And you don't want to use another software, like Blue Iris? Well, I'll tell you, your're never going to get good motion detection directly from a camera. They don't have the processing power to do anything like object detection or person detection. All those other cameras do that in the cloud. All you're going to get is basic pixel comparisons, very basic detection.

What other requirements do you have? Indoor/outdoor? PTZ? Power source? Night vision? Size?

I'm another one that would suggest Ubiquiti, if you lost the wifi requirement. It's 100% local, recordings on premises, amazing video quality and you set the motion detection zones and level.

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The Unifi G3 micro is wifi.

But they are indoor only and not really the same quality.

You didn't specify indoor/outdoor.....:slight_smile:

However it leads to a question. Even with (most) wifi cameras you still have to have power ran to the location. So why not just run ethernet and do POE?

Outdoor, wifi, battery cameras are still VERY lacking in choices :frowning:

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They've been doing it in the Commercial & Governmental Security space for years, pretty darn satisfactorily I might add.

I like amcrest. I have outdoor wifi and poe. I also use indoor wifi PTZ cams under roof outside. All work well, have been using the with a NVR for years now. Video does go to the cloud so you can view remotely but that could be disabled if you really wanted to. They work totally local.

My great wish is that the motion they detect (which is very good) could be picked up by HE somehow :slight_smile:

Not sure if the Amcrest NVR supports any external calls like HTTP. However if you run something else like Blue Iris, Xeoma, etc then you can make an HTTP request on motion start/end to HE or other systems to then use the motion detection. I've used BI and Xeoma and they work fine. Xeoma is lightweight and can run in a container or rPi and BI is very heavy but can be tuned but is Windows only.

Yes I have a couple of Amcrest cameras and use Notifications to Android phone to send HTTP requests to HE using Tasker app. I do the same for Wyze cameras and Eufy Doorbell.

Edit: It can also be done with Home Assistant.

That's one way to do it, lol. Another way to get motion detection from a camera into Hubitat is to run another piece of software locally. Most people around here run Blue Iris, and you don't need any extra hubitat app to integrate motion sensing. If you want more than motion sensing you can use this app:

It works very well, Blue Iris allows for lots of customization around motion detection sensitivity and parameters. Once it senses motion it sends a local end point trigger to Rule Machine and then you can do whatever you want in RM. When my camera senses motion near the back door, it takes about half a second for Hubitat to turn the back door light on.

Blue Iris software has an immense amount of features and is the go to software for running cameras locally.

Amcrest doesn't make their own cameras, for the most part they just rebrand Dahua cameras.

Local motion (and object) detection via tinyCam...

This Xeoma sounds interesting. I run a couple linux systems that could handle this I think

Amcrest does not send out http, only emails.