Looking for a smart water shut-off valve controller with lots of torque

Took delivery of the EcoNet.. easy to install, paired up as "Device", had to change to "Generic Z-Wave Valve". Appears to be well built - the mounting is a slimmer design that attaches to the brass part of the valve and the claim is it does not stress the copper piping - The Dome unit attaches to the copper pipe directly above the valve but is longer and more spread out distributing any potential load so I'm not really sure if that is an issue or not.

When opening or closing the motor sounds somewhat rough (almost gravel-ly) but seems to work fine. I am going to try and hook up a contact sensor to use as a secondary verification that the valve has been closed.

The Dome Z-Wave issue may have been caused by my old z-wave devices and was eventually able to get it paired and working again but decided to replace anyway. Will use the Dome as a backup or maybe for some other lever..


Thanks to @aaiyar suggestion, I got the Econet Bulldog and was very happy and surprised how great it worked with our water shut-off valve.

I know this was probably not the best place to mount the Z-wave/Controller box, on the pipe itself.
But don't really have a lot of options. The cable from the Bulldog motor to the control box is only 3ft long, so that is as high as I can mount it. And the gray shelf to the right gets moved every once in a while.

I'm open to suggestion from anyone, thanks!


I had no idea such a thing existed!! Holy cow! You learn something new every day!


Very nice and clean installation. That's one heavy duty looking valve!


I like that you mounted the remote on the pipe.. may have to do something similar.

I just added a contact sensor to mine (magnetic bar part on the lever) that allows me to verify the valve is actually closed. I want to make a simple rule that runs a test each month and alerts me as to whether or not it closed (and opened) properly.

I noticed the valve says it's closed immediately after issuing a closed command not when it is fully closed.


The install looks clean. But I'm a little concerned about your PRV. It looks old, and looks like it had a small leak at time in the past.

Can you please post some close-up photographs of just the PRV?

I'm only a DIY plumber, but my gut tells me I need to see a close-up view.

I had some guidance from @lelynch for a rule to exercise my Dome each month. For now, I am relying on valve reported open/close state, I need to verify if reporting happens at the beginning or end of the cycle. You can use his rule as a basis for yours with integrated contact sensor.


We had the house built back in 2008 (12 yrs ago) by Drees Homes, so we are the original owners. We have found many issues after the house was built (world never recommend a Drees home to anyone), but never around the main water pipe. After we moved in we would find a lot of things still had dirt caked on that they never wiped or removed after installing. Like the PRV, I believe.

Here is what we still find every now in then in our basement.

There's some corrosion there. But no major leaks. Next time you have a plumber in, have them check it out. The valve is about $80-150. And it takes about 20 minutes to put in. You also have a shut off right before the valve - making it easy ....

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Thanks @aaiyar, will do!

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Leaksmart valve style. Leave the valve in place, put the Leaksmart one downstream. Much less janky than these goofy bandaids.

Otherwise, loosen that tiny nut behind the arm slightly; might only take like 1° of turn to free it up. Smear the outside of the valve with grease to stop the corrosion that's happening to the valve.

Plumber's grease or -my preference- lanolin (if you can find it).

Leaksmart also sells bandaids!

Depends on your use-case I guess. :wink:


Actually, that's a decent solution if you don't want to be modifying your existing equipment (in fact, this would have been better in my situation; might actually switch to this one). At least with this setup, the device isn't multiplying torque just to then negate it with a super long arm. I've never seen that version before, so thanks for that.

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Reviving this thread ... well, today I had to shut off the water valve as I needed to change out a Delta shower diverter water cartridge ... easy peasy! I figured I'd kill two birds with one wet finger, so I picked up the Samsung water sensor behind the toilet, licked (a clean) finger and triggered the sensor, thus began the dance of the Google Home's announcing a water leak was detected in the bathroom and the Dome valve to shut off (so I thought). Much to my dismay, when I tested the water in the sink, water was still flowing. Checking logs, I saw multiple instances of "Main House Valve valve is closed". So down to the garage I went, and I could hear the Dome struggling to close the valve. I do run a monthly cycle of the valve and didn't see this issue in the logs last month. I had to "help" the Dome to close the valve and "help" the Dome to open the valve after changing the cartridge. I guess I need to disassemble to check both the Dome and the valve - why does one project always turn into two (or more)?!?!?

I did have a new shutoff valve put in about 2 years ago. If it turns out the the valve has gotten very tight or the Dome is crapping out, for those that bought the EcoNet Bulldog, how are you liking it so far? I've had my Dome for just over 2 years and this is the first time it's had difficulty. I'd switch, to the Bulldog, if necessary. I don't really want to put anything inline in the plumbing as I have very restrictive space available and don't want to add something permanent that can't be easily changed out in the future. Thanks for reading!

I haven't bought the Bulldog, but have installed it for someone else. It is phenomenal. No issues opening or closing a pretty old ball valve (~10-20 years old) that could not be closed by a generic ball valve controller with the same motor as the Dome.

I'm tagging @erktrek and @nkyspike because I believe both of them have the Econet Bulldog.


I can truly say I love our EcoNet Bulldog system.
If it can turn our shutoff valve off and on (which requires a littler torque), then I know it can handle anybodies shutoff valve.


@aaiyar @nkyspike .. thanks for the feedback. I guess I'll have to see what the is the cause of my Dome failure and decide from there. I also need to measure for the Bulldog as it looks larger than the Dome (I have a very tight and awkward space where the shutoff valve and Dome are located. $175 is a little pricy, but I suppose much less than a water disaster. I really wish insurance companies would give you a break for installing!

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Take a photo of the spot.

Ours works great too.. no issues. Have a "rule" that opens and closes every month. Also attached a contact sensor to the base and handle so I can get verification that it opened or closed.