Looking for a low cost "dry" contact sensor using Zigbee or Z-wave plus for HE

For $45 - I can buy 4 Sonoff ZBminis! Since my applications has 110 VAC power for the Seco-Larm then I would need to buy an additional power supply for the battery operated, contact sensor to
add more reliability to my system. Since this Seco-Larm is picking up only sidewalk visitors then it is a non-critical security warning sensor/device.

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Might also consider adding one of these to your order.... just in case :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cheaper is better if it works. When I find something cheap that works reliability then I buy in large quantities to save money.

Cheap and easy to solder a set of wires to each side of the switch and use as desired.

There's a handful of threads showing details of how to do this to a couple of different vendor's contacts.