Lock Code Manager - Schlage BE469

I'm migrating from ST to HE, and having problems getting my Schlage locks to work properly. I migrated two to HE so far, and am trying to set codes. I deleted all existing codes first, then added three. I was getting errors trying to add the codes, so I tried to delete them all again and start over. Now two of the codes are still shown as being enabled on one of the locks, but they are not usable on those locks. LCM won't let me delete them or add them. I tried removing LCM and adding it back, but the two zombie codes are still there. How can I clean them out to start over?

that's a familiar report:

Have you tried deleting the code directly from the device page? I haven't really used LCM so I can't speak for what should and should not work from there.

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This is what I ended up having to do. After I deleted the codes in both lock devices I was able to use LCM and assign the code to both of my locks.

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I didn't try the device page, but I reset both locks to factory config, which wipes all user codes. LCM was failing because it showed that the codes were still there, but they weren't on the lock. LCM needs to be updated to remove the codes from its db if the slot shows empty when it queries the lock.

I got tired of messing with it and moved everything back to ST for now.

I think that the problem is that a factory reset restores the two default codes. These codes are listed on the programming code label on the back of the booklet that's included with the lock. Once I deleted the default codes LCM worked as expected.

So it IS possible to set the codes on the Schlage Connect through the HE interface/ apps?

It worked for me. I was able to use lock manager to create several users, assign them one or more codes each and apply them to both of my Schlage Connect locks. I did however, have to delete the 2 default Schlage codes on each lock. I had issues before I deleted the codes. But I'm not sure if it's an LCM issue or if it coincidentally worked after deleting them.

Not following the sequence in the OP exactly, but LCM cannot read codes from a Schlage lock. Schlage doesnโ€™t allow it. You have to add codes from LCM only. Any code added to the lock itself will not be usable by LCM.

So you can't delete codes added directly to the lock?

Not having one, I cannot answer that specific question, but there are lots of Schlage users here that can. @mike.maxwell definitely can answer that.

you can delete them from the lock driver just fine.
the issue is after pairing the device, the driver asks the lock for a list of codes, schlage locks do not return the actual pin code, so these can't be displayed obviously.
The next step is to delete each code from the driver ui, then re add them, when this is done everything works like it does in any other lock.

When I try to delete codes I just get job failed. Am I missing something?

So I had to factory reset the lock in order to get it to work properly with lock manager. Delete didn't work at all for any code listed as "????".

Also, I had to select the lock, then click on the dropdown again, then click on the button that appears NOT the done button.

Just posting to help others if you come across the same thing.

To delete lock codes that appear in lock manager as ????, you need to delete them in the lock on the device page, not in lock manager:



Unfortunately neither way worked.

So what happens when you try to delete a lock code on the device page?

Nothing. Nothing in the logs either.

I was having issues with my BE468 and after I updated to the latest hub firmware I had to do a a hub reboot.
Then I was able to first delete and then add from the lock device