Livarno lux

Its not a great driver, its on my 2do list, at the time I just cobbled 2 drivers together.
I might be able to look at it tonight once kids in bed

Ahh, cool. Was just worried this was an inherent Hubitat issue (I'm a brand new refugee from ST). Looking at the logs it seems there may be a hard-coded 2000ms delay or similar. I'll have a look at the DHT later.


Any guidance which driver I should use with the Livarno Lux white E27 bulb.


That should work with the built in advanced CT driver

@mark.cockcroft Hey Mark, I've been using your driver for the LED strip and while it works perfectly fine to set colours and also colour temperatures I've discovered a minor bug when trying to use it with the hubitat scenes.

The issue is when you set the colour temperature, the colorMode remains set as RGB instead of changing to CT. I've looked at the code and I only see one place where the mode is set to CT, but that code doesn't appear to be triggered when setColorTemperature is called.
The code is a bit too complex for me to be able to try to add a patch to unfortunately.

Any chance that this might be an easy fix for you?

Thanks very much,


Yea but not sure when, I am still playing with it because I can't seem to get full colours seem to have a tint.
Did the light change as expected though?

Hi, does anyone know how to change the colour to cool white on the dashboard tile. I can't seem to work the whites out. Currently I use my Alexa app to change the colours as it oddly seems more reliable. Also 1% brightness is very bright with GU10s and E14s, is this a driver issue or a hardware issue. Is there a way of reducing the brightness further. Cheers guys in advance :+1:

I use the temperature slider on the strip lights, and yea the ct leds are bright but seem to respond correctly to dimmer commands

I've realized that tapping on the slider rather than dragging it gives better results. Cheers for this. Just one final comment though, when cool white is set to 1% on the E14 bulb, it's still extremely bright. Is this a hardware issue or can the driver be tweeked to correct the issue? Cheers for your input