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Just found this selection of products coming to Lidl on Sunday 6th December. Not sure how or if compatible but I'm going to give them a go.


nice find, will check it out

cant find prices for contact or motion sensors

Not sure there is any contact or motion detectors.
Looks like it's bulbs, strip light, power plugs, extension lead and ceiling light with option to but a hub with remote

they mention them in the FAQ here Smart Home FAQs -

To be honest I didn't look through the FAQs I just looked through the products they have on sale this week, but if they are selling the sensors I'll grab a couple of those too.

sure @PaulHibbert would be interested in this, he loves the oooooo zigbeee. They are a great price point.

@mike.maxwell any chance of getting the RGBW aurora zigbee 3.0 lamps working? That should get these working then.

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Bloody hell I was @PaulHibbert that actually got me interested in hubitat after watching hours of his YouTube videos.
The wife even enjoyed watching and said he's funny....


Really don't get him at times. He reviews in my eyes, cheap tat, moans about how certain things are overpriced and goes and recommends a Flic £30 for a bluetooth button. I can get 2 hue dimmers for that price. ooohh the zigbee!!

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The first time I heard of ZigBee was when I can across him reviewing the tuya hub. This spiked my interest into researching ZigBee further, which eventually led me to hubitat because he mentioned it in a review.
I'm not really an impulse buyer and can bore my wife to death over weeks/months watching/reading reviews. This usually results in her taking herself upstairs to watch "the crown" which in my eyes is a win win situation for us both :joy:

Zigbee smart plug for £7.99 sounds good, as does the the 3-gang extension lead - especially as it says each outlet can be controlled separately (interesting to see how they are presented to the HE).

Just about to buy one so will test it and provide an update.

Update: Bugger - just saw I have to wait until Sunday!!


Hi, My first post on here. I too bought a Hubitat hub after watching the @PaulHibbert review.
I haven’t done much with the hub to be honest as in the process of renovating a house before moving into it. (Apart from setting up some Osram lamps in the existing living room)
I’ve been struggling with what to do with the new house in a ‘smart home’ view.
I’m a sparky by trade so doing the full rewire myself, including running Cat6 all through the house... but things like outside lights have had my puzzled a bit. Hibbert won’t be happy with me , but I’ve just bought a couple of Hue outside lights to see what they do.

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Yes I'll be up bright and early Sunday to grab a few to try out if they're not great Lidl have a decent returns policy so shouldn't be a problem returning them.


Nice one👍. Make sure you install 35mm boxed all fast fix as much as possible. If you can fit 47 it will be even better. Loop down too all the switches. Ideally wire your loop in to each room/area to a HL hidden key switch so each area can be safely isolated. This way you can use smart switch (behind the plate) I would advise these with click mini grid range or smart lamps and just use wagos to link our the switch lines. I would advise not to only have smart lights in a area. IE if you only have smart lamps and the hub goes down or something your stuffed. What I do now is have smart switch controling dimmable lights (switchable white downlights in my case) and centre or wall lights with a RGBW smart lamp. This way I get best of both, my everyday light is the smart lamps RGBW tunable white, but for more light of if anything goes wrong I have local local control of my smart dimmers. Also ZigBee 3.0 all the way unless you can't get it ZigBee then look at z-wave. I have mostly z-wave and the ZigBee stuff is much faster.

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Hi @seanmoy23, I just been to lidl website. Can't really see the date of when it will be available. Might have missed it. Will it be available on the 6th Dec as you mentioned at all lidl stote/online? Cheers

It says they are available Sunday 6th December and I'm assuming it will be all stores.

Liking the look of this, might have to get up early


I wonder if they are power monitoring?

Thanks for the advice, Mostly 47mm boxes going in as stripped plaster back on going for insulated boards too :+1:t3:

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Great, it's surprising how much difference bigger boxes and plastic boxes really makes but it does. Even when you're mesh is as saturated as mine, I went back and dug out the metal boxes and put in fast fix. The difference was instant.